JCC Brooklyn Windsor Terrace
JCC Brooklyn Windsor Terrace


JCC Brooklyn Windsor Terrace Summer Day Camps offer swimming 3 times a week, trips, air conditioned buses, activities at the beautiful outdoor facilities on country-like campus in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Ages 5-14.  Early drop off and late stay available.  Transportation from designated bus stops.  Breakfast and snack.  Small groups.

Reviews (38)

  • Review from the Spring 2024 Early Education Survey

    REVIEW: Note: This review is just for the 1's program! All in all we have had a great year at JCC Windsor Terrace. The teachers have been lovely -- super sweet, engaged, and fun -- my son loves his classroom teachers and seems to like everyone in aftercare as well. They're great about communication and are very bought in to each child's development. The kids do lots of creative, seasonal activities and special visiting instructors come in for music, yoga (at least for a while?), and crafts. Teachers are great about ensuring the kids have plenty of outside time, both in the school backyard as well as on walks through the neighborhood, to visit the local fire station, Prospect Park, etc. Although there are some religious elements to the curriculum -- they do special crafts for particular holidays etc -- it's not an overtly religious one, which has worked for our family as neither my spouse nor I are Jewish (and we are definitely not the only ones). JCC Windsor Terrace also tries hard to engage families and create a sense of community, including hosting occasional non-school-hour festivities.; Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours; What would you change? I dearly wish it provided lunch -- that would be a game-changer for the parent mental load, but all in all the other benefits outweigh this!
  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: This program continues to be marvelous. The teachers are loving and nurturing. I loved the projects they did with them. They painted, glued, watered their class plants, made bird feeders and hung them on trees outside. They supported us and our child with his potty training. I love the afterschool teachers too. They embraced the identity of their teaching staff and had Spanish Wednesdays. They have Jewish music twice a week and dance/movement once a week. They use a program where you can see photos of the day. Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I wish they served lunch!
  • Flexible daycare

    Not sure of the age of your kid but JCC Brooklyn preschool starts at age 1 and has options for 2 or 3 days/week or days that end at 12pm, 3pm or 6pm as well as early dropoff. Though they do make you commit to a schedule in your contract, in my past experience they've been good about adding aftercare as needed on random days as long as there's space. Note they follow the public school schedule but offer summer and usually vacation camps if enough families are interested.
  • Any suggestions for 3K options right now?

    Our little one did the 2s program there last year and we were thrilled with the care he received. They have a summer program as well.
  • Moving to Windsor Terrace/Two’s Programs

    Our son just turned four and is now in PreK 280 ( December birthday had him start younger ) But we had him at the JCC three days a week, 2 with extended days. JCC provides nice care. Clear communication. It is More structured then a home setting daycare but still fun and not rigorous.
  • Moving to Windsor Terrace/Two’s Programs

    My older son went to JCC for 3 years and my younger one is in the 2s class now. We've had a wonderful experience, even though the pandemic. The teachers are all different but loving. There's music and movement, a backyard, and they take them on neighborhood walks and to Prospect Park. We get daily communication and pictures from the teachers.
  • Moving to Windsor Terrace/Two’s Programs

    Our little one attending a year of the 2s program at the Windsor Terrace JCC. He did 3 full days (half the year) and then transitioned to 4 full days. We didn't do the after-hours care, but he also did two summer camps there as well (before & after the 2s program year). We were very pleased with the care he received there! The teachers were loving and easy to communicate with.
  • Summer camps for 6-year-olds?

    We've had good experiences with JCC the past 2 summers (they pick up at various locations in WT, including free pickup from their prospect Ave location and bus the kids to their Bay ridge campus which has a pool and a variety of activities--also because of the bus ride time you get childcare from about 8:30-4:30 without having to pay for aftercare so it's a good amount of coverage for the price vs other programs that go from 9-3!).
  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Windsor Terrace How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 3 Review: We were totally unprepared for the summer and got very lucky that the JCC had spots because they were just amazing. Odalys and Sherry, the two teachers, were so patient and kind and flexible and easy to communicate with. The kids played in a backyard with lots of toys or went on walks to various playgrounds. They did lots of art projects, too. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? The camp didn't have a compulsory masking policy nor any guidance about testing, alas, but they did respect our wishes to encourage our daughter to mask indoors, and we made it through the summer without COVID. We did get a string of colds, but that's pretty common, and they didn't insist on sending her home just because of a runny nose.
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: 1224 Prospect Avenue Type of facility: Daycare, Preschool Review: My kid was excited to go to school. She loves the JCC. They did lots of art projects, and have a good outdoor space. They have specials like music and dance. We did have some safety concerns - on one occasion they readied another child to give to me. My child was happy each day during the day program. The after school program seems like it could use stronger management. All the teachers, regular day and after school, are kind and responsive. What amenities does the facility have? Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours What would you change about the program, if anything? Tighter management of after school procedures and more child development training for after school teachers.
  • Review from the 2019–2020 Daycare, Preschool, Pre-K, and K Survey

    Review: We were so happy to find a JCC outpost nearby our home. Our child started in the 1s room and is currently in the 3s room. The families we have met there have become our community. During the lockdown, our son's friends and their families are who we zoomed with. We love that there is a Jewish component, music, outdoor space, walks around the neighborhood and to nearby Prospect Park, and teachers who really love the kids and are resources for us as parents. The program relies on a mix of progressive (good catch all to convey what I mean) education practices. They play, do art, explore the neighborhood and their interests, read books, and make believe. My son's love for the scooter (and ability to do it) started there! My child loves being there. Amenities offered: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, It provides snack but not lunch. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I wish there was less teacher turnover because we've really liked the teachers my child has had.
  • Experience at JCC camp at Fort Hamilton? and JCC camp for pre-schoolers in Windsor terrace?

    Our children have been at JCC Windsor Terrace nursery school and summer camp the last few years. Our younger son will be at the preschool camp there this summer and I'm sure he'll have a blast like his brother did in past summers. Preschool camp has lots of time outside in their private backyard and the neighborhood and lots of fun art projects inside. Our older kid will be at the JCC camp, which has a bus pickup from the WT location this summer, since he's finally old enough! I've heard good things from other families and I believe they provide actual swim instruction 3 days a week (down from 4 days a week due to social distancing in the pool. We're excited and it's great that kids in both age groups can have pickup and drop off in the same location!
  • Review from the 2020 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of child: 5.5 years old Comment: My kids really enjoyed this camp this summer. I was so grateful that the JCC ran the camp and gave so many kids the opportunity to be outside. My kids enjoyed swimming, playing sports, and dancing. They also had a great time on the bus to camp and on the busses around camp. The only thing I can think of that they didn’t like was that there wasn’t that much shade. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I heard some talk from my kids about mean kids - I wonder if the counselors could have intervened more. Of course, as a parent, you never know what is really happening on the ground, so maybe they were intervening. Anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it you'd like to add? They took everyone’s temperature every day and masks were required on the busses. Counselors and staff were required to wear masks - kids were not. The camp was run at a lower capacity than usual and they kept the kids in groups that did not interact. I did not hear of any Covid outbreaks during the summer and my kids attended for 8 weeks.
  • Review from the 2020 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of child: 4.5 Comment: It was our first time sending our kid to day camp and he had a great time! Seems like there was a good deal of sitting around (some of the older kids complained about this) but our son appreciated the down time. There were about three activities a day including swimming (three days a week) or water activities (two days a week) then additional activities including art, science, dance, etc. Communication could have been better in the beginning - we only occasionally received emails with schedule info but by the end received that on a daily basis. Conversely, we received daily texts with pictures from our son’s counselor in the beginning, only on occasion by the end. Would have liked more info on some of the activities - “field”, “theater” and “Jewish education” still not sure exactly what went on during those but our son came home happy and was excited to go every day which was the most important part for us! What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Would have liked a list of counselors and campers from the beginning. We asked for a list so we could help our son learn the other kids’ names and the camp was hesitant to give, presumably for privacy reasons. Eventually we received a list of the first names of the kids in his group. The last week we received a list of his counselors (for tipping purposes). Anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it you'd like to add? Kids wore masks on the buses, the camp sent regular reminders to do so, they did daily temperature checks and to our knowledge there were no cases!
  • Windsor Terrace/ South Slope Child Care

    This is our third year with a child at the school and currently both of our sons are there. The teachers are wonderful and they have nice classrooms for 3 different age groups, with a yard. It's a culturally Jewish school but at least half the students are not Jewish.
  • 2019-2020 Year Review

    We chose the program because it was a Jewish program on our side of the park. I would say it has been ok. Sometimes, I feel like my kid isn't getting the support he needs (like at a rough drop off), and the front office is not great with paper work (we've had to resubmit things or remind the office that we already submitted things). My kid LOVES the other kids in his class, and has made tremendous growth socially. If a universal 3K opened close to me by the time my baby is ready for a 3s program, I might take that into consideration, but otherwise, I plan on sending my second kid there too. … About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours … What would you change? Front office attention to detail, letting parents see/view curriculum.
  • 2019-2020 Year Review

    Our daughter started the 3’s program after attending 2’s at Beansprouts (because we moved) and we have been really happy. The teachers are amazing—the head teacher has 30+ years experience and it shows. The classroom has a warm and welcoming energy. Daily photos and notes from the days activities. … About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides 2 snacks. Parents collaborate foe a fruit “share” each week. … What would you change? A bit more daily info on my child specifically—did she nap? Eat all of her lunch? Etc
  • 2019 Summer Camp Review

    My son absolutely loved the preschool camp--the play space out back, the music classes, the teachers, the other campers, everything. And we loved the daily pictures from the teachers and the thoughtful and creative activities they planned for the kids. What would you change? Wouldn't change anything
  • Review from the 2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool Survey

    We had a very mixed experience at the JCC. We had two kids there at the same time. One kid had an amazing experience, with a very good teacher who has done so many cool projects, provided great experiences, and concentrated on outdoor time. This teacher clearly loves the age and is not phased by all that can come with early toddlers-- and has good ideas about how to deal with various behaviors. This kid has really thrived and grown at the JCC. Our other child had a much more difficult time. Despite many conversations, the teacher and the program were not able to accommodate or understand this child's needs and we ended up pulling this kid out after it was clear it was not a place this kid could thrive (we ended up finding a place this kid loves). Like any school it is a good fit for some kids and not others. DETAILS: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours What you would change: The after school program has a lot of flux in the providers, especially at the beginning of each semester. Some of the teachers have difficulty accommodating children who have special needs, so if you child may fall into that category, you may want to look elsewhere, particularly for the older kids.
  • ISO Half-day daycare

    We love JCC Brooklyn Windsor Terrace. They have 1s, 2s and 3s classrooms. The school has a backyard and a gym space downstairs for rainy days. The teachers are wonderful. There are a few openings in all the classes for the fall, which has a schedule close to the DOE calendar. There are several options for drop off 8am or 8:30-9am and pick up at 12pm, 3pm or 3-6pm.
  • 2019 Summer Camp Review

    Age: 5 Review: Camp is based in 3 locations: Windsor Terrace JCC, Park Slope Jewish Center, and Fort Hamilton army base. The JCC and Jewish Center are where children gather with their counselors and do crafts or play games that don't need much space. At Fort Hamilton, children do camp activities like swimming (1-4 times per week), bowling, archery, games, and "drones" (not sure what this is --- based on the pictures, they are watching their counselors use drones.) Buses take them between the locations. Once a week there is a show at the army base and once a week there is a trip (amusement park). Our child was in a 2 week Hebrew program in the middle, and that counselor (an Israeli shinshin) called us before the session and at the end of each week, and sent a few pictures of our child, and we were happy with that level of contact. The bus counselors are also really helpful. I've never heard from my child's main counselor. Our child seems to like it, but on a day to day basis, I have no idea what they are doing. What would you change? We chose the camp because they said they have swimming 4 times per week, but in some weeks they might not swim at all or only once. We signed up for an 8 week Hebrew immersion program specifically because that was important to us, and they cancelled that program and moved us to the regular camp without telling us of the change. Administratively, the camp doesn’t seem organized: a month after paying I got two sets of emails and phone calls saying that I hadn’t, and both times, I had to call and email to resolve that with them, and so many administrative issues (introductory emails, bus times, camp forms completion) happen at the last minute. For the first few weeks of camp, the bus was rarely on time, and often it was 30 minutes late and once or twice it’s been an hour late. At mid-session the bus is on time.
  • Preschool in Windsor Terrace and Kensington?

    We have our son in the JCC Y at Windsor Terrace 2s program, right now we only do 3 half days a week but next year we'll increase to 5 half days a week. Even though we're not Jewish it's a great and welcoming environment. The teachers are warm and for us it's on the way to the subway.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    So far we are having a great experience with this program, though only started in September 2018. Our child started when she was not quite two years old, in the 18-24 month room and the school did a great job smoothly transitioning her into the two's class after her birthday in late-October. She looks forward to going every day, is making new friends and learning concrete things despite the child-centered, play-based curriculum. Her lead teacher seems extremely dedicated, creative and detail-oriented and very open to communication/questions from parents. A highlight is the app the school uses to send photos of daily activities to the parents each day. The school has also been very flexible with our requests to add sporadic after-care from 3-6pm when needed on a per diem basis, and switching from 4-5 days/week after we'd already started the program. My only concern is there seems to be quite a high turnover rate with teachers from what I've heard, which may be mainly an issue with the administration, benefits, etc. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours What would you change? Would be helpful to provide childcare during parent-teacher conferences and/or schedule them outside normal work hours. It's not as diverse as it could be socioeconomically/culturally.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    My kid just started going this month, so we are still new with facility. They are very helpful with whatever questions you might have, from napping, potty training or separation anxiety (which is what we are struggling with). They provide snacks, but you have to bring your own lunch. My kid seems happy with different activities that they provide: music, art, blocks, walks to the park. We get daily notes and photos to keep at ease. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours What would you change? They take kids from 12month + only
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    Preschool with a combined 2s/3s program. (may change for next year). Pros: Fun activities and outdoor time. My child enjoyed it and learned and seemed to always have fun. Flexible schedule for our family. Cons: Only 2 caretakers for 15 two to three year olds so sometimes staff seemed overwhelmed/tired/unenthusiastic. New program with new staff and it felt unorganized at times however improved as the year progressed. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, provided snacks What would you change? The communication was poor regarding staff changes etc. The teacher we heard wonderful things about and why we signed up changed and we were never notified.
  • ISO reviews of Kings Bay Y 3s program

    My daughter is currently at the Kings bay y and I truly cannot say enough great things about it. Ronnie and Sherry (who should be teaching the 3 year olds next year) are INCREDIBLE. My daughter has learned so much and she absolutely loves school. The school is play based and student-led and it's fantastic. The teachers have masters degrees and tons of experience. We get detailed emails with 10+ photos every day. The school also has a wonderful sense of community with lots of optional programming for families on the weekend who want to be involved. There is a very active parent committee-we are actually working together this weekend to add some new activities to their private outdoor space. I really can't say enough-I would keep my daughter there forever if I could!
  • Re: ISO reviews of Kings Bay Y 3s program

    My daughter is currently in the UPK class at Kings Bay Y Windsor Terrace and was in the 3s class last year. We absolutely love it. The teachers for the 2s and 3s classes (last year, this year and next year) are all wonderful. The curriculum is playbased and my daughter has experienced the most wonderful things. In her 3s class they built an F train and MTA ticket booth from boxes! In the warmer months they walk the neighborhood and visit the firehouse and Prospect Park. They now also have a play yard on the side of the building with 2 wonderful climbing frames and slides and swings. We (the current parent committee) are busy upgrading it with some additional age appropriate STEAM activities. Im sure your child will be happy at KBY!
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    Love that they have swim classes - the first time that our child has really enjoyed swimming. There was an issue with another child bullying our child one day at the beginning of the summer and it was dealt with quickly and effectively - the rest of the summer went smoothly and our child. Seemed like he had lots of fun with his friends there. If you could change anything, what would it be? More interaction between staff and parents. Age of child: 5-6 Based on a Summer 2017 experience
  • [2013PreK] Summer camp ideas?

    I.'s current preschool down in South Windsor Terrace has a summer camp for under 4s, which is on site at her school and they will spend good days in Prospect Park. It's at Kings Bay Y Windsor Terrace. Call 718-407-6377 and speak to Ilona for more info.
  • Summer Camp Survey 2016

    Age of child: 8 Review: Good. What would you change about the program, if anything? Trips are too far, disorganized.
  • Re: Kings Bay Y Summer Camp Reviews?

    both my children have been going to their afterschool program for a few years now and last year was there first summer for camp. My 6 year old son spent two weeks there last summer and loved it. It's a really nice camp, well run with great counselors. I would consider it a good alternative to Park Slope Day Camp or Camp Explorers but on the less expensive side. They do a variety of activities-sports, arts & crafts, cooking, out door play, swimming 3 days a week, weekly trips and they have a huge indoor facility not far away that they can utilize for rainy days. I really like that each week has a special theme (cooking, nature, martial arts, sports, etc) so our kids get extra activities and trips geared toward that theme. Recently the Y organized a parent camp committee where close to a dozen parents got together with the administration to discuss how to make improvements to the camp and they wanted to hear what the parents really wanted. I think they recently did the same thing with some campers. I thought this was a smart thing to do. Also, the organization is very committed to getting involved in our community which I think this great. Both my kids will be going back this summer
  • Review from 2013 Summer Camp Experience

    Age of Child: 10 Likes: My child enjoyed the swimming and the trips. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend Do you have any other information to add? My son attended for only one week this summer. The counselors made him feel a part of the group.
  • Review from 2013 Summer Camp Experience

    Program: Regular Summer Camp Likes: Swimming, art, soccer What would you change? More instruction at swimming time, rather than just free time in the pool Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend Do you have any other information to add? The counselors are very friendly and enthusiastic. The front office staff was flexible with us about mode and timing of payment.
  • 2012 Birthday Party Survey Review

    LIKES: Two areas--one for play, separate one for food but with a bouncy castle. We were left alone by the staff, which was great. I didn't feel rushed or like I needed to adhere to a schedule. What you'd change: We had a huge problem at first because the venue was closed and the staff had left. I had to place panicked calls and emails. It was clear the staff "forgot" about us. They showed up 50 minutes late to open the doors for us. Luckily I had (barely) enough time to get the party set up, but it was very stressful. Oh, and they lied about being 5 minutes away and having "stepped out briefly" but then the staffer showed up in a car service car, so clearly he hadn't just "stepped away". Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Recommend with Reservations
  • 2012 Birthday Party Survey Review

    Name of Party: Playspace Address: Prospect Ave at Vanderbilt LIKES: 2 floors for $150 an hour. Foos downstairs with a jumpy castle and upstairs playspace. Everybody had a BALL. What you'd change: amount of time for set up (only 45 mins and we had a whole FIESTA theme!). Do you recommend (High Rec, Rec, Rec w/ Reservations, Do Not Rec)? Recommend
  • (no subject)

    Re: Seeking indoor playground in PS/PH area, or tumbling classes Kings Bay Y in WT is open on weekends. It has a play space from 10-1pm I believe and it's only $7 per drop-in. You can check it out here:
  • (no subject)

    I just wanted to let you all in on a great new addition to our neighborhood. My son (5 years) is attending Kings Bay Y winter mini-camp this week. They're on Prospect Ave near the Ft. Hamilton subway stop around Greenwood Ave. He's only had one full day so far, but I am hooked! They went bowling yesterday, made gingerbread houses, and played and played! (my son's words!) They're going swimming today at their main facility in Sheepshead Bay, tomorrow a show at puppetworks, can't remember Thursdays activities, and swimming again on Friday! The counselors are wonderful, and my son is happy!! They are very reasonably priced (for the nabe!) They also do afterschool care, but I can't comment to that because we use aftercare at PS154. Check 'em out!
  • (no subject)

    Just wanted to let you know that the new Kings Bay Y on Prospect Ave offers a great afterschool program for many of the schools in our neighborhood. They pick up from PS 130, 10, 154, 107,? 230 and others. It is extremely well organized and all the counselors have backgrounds in child development, child psychology and social work. They spend a good amount of time devoted to homework which was something that was very important to me as my 3rd grader has a lot of homework this year and I wanted a place where he could really focus and get most of it done during the day (otherwise nights can be super stressful). Once homework is done there are many fun activities for the kids to engage in like art, green projects, cooking, yoga, cartooning and more! I am not affiliated at all with this program or the Y but my son just started there this week and I wanted to help spread the word. They are not allowed to go into the schools to promote their programs so I thought I'd try to help. Here is more info on the afterschool program as well their other classes and drop in info for their playspace. I think this is a great addition to our neighborhood and hope you all check it out. (September 2011)