JBJ Renovations
JBJ Renovations
  • Red Hook
    98 Vandyke St., Brooklyn 11231


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Reviews (8)

  • Great Local General Contractor Recommendation

    I've see a lot of posts asking about contractors and I just thought I'd recommend a general contactor who has done a lot of work for me and my parents, from redoing a bathroom, building an extension, painting the façade of a brownstone and minor cosmetic kitchen renovations. they are a fully licensed, great company who've been in business almost a decade. They coordinate everything, are very timely and communicative and always have competitive prices. James, the point person, is wonderful. Israel, one of their foremen, is amazing.
  • 2019 Review

    We are in the final stages of our renovation using JBJ Renovations and we could not recommend Jim and JBJ highly enough. They completed the job as close to schedule as possible--despite issues with our architect that led to delays--and were prompt, thorough, reliable and honest. It was refreshing dealing with a contractor we knew we could trust and who did not disappear in the middle of the job. Jim was very invested in our project as if it were his own and his crew took pride in their work. They ensured everything was done to our specifications and fixed any issues that arose right away. The end result is beautiful and we are very happy with the quality of the work.
  • reviewing a business

    We were very pleased with JBJ Renovations on a recent home update. They where referred to me by my co-workers sister in-law who they did some work for approximately a year or so prior to starting my project. James and his crew worked very hard and provided the highest quality of service. They were very reliable, trustworthy, honest, provided a fair quote, and were experienced. We would gladly recommend them to anyone. We were in the process of moving back to New York from the DC area, and we wanted to have the place in tiptop shape before moving back. James had no problem with that. We were able to trust him to work on the place while we were still away, and he was able to get everything done with time to spare while still maintaining a very high level of quality. This wasn't a small project either. We're talking repainting the entire interior, two completely new state-of-the-art shower doors installed, four new ceiling fans installed, large mirrors mounted, and fixing a damaged wall due to a car accident in the garage. From start to finish, everything was handled professionally with class. There were no problems coordinating with him while we were away. And most importantly, we were absolutely blown away by the final result, and are extremely happy with our new place. couldn't have ask for better results
  • business review

    We recently renovated our home and we used JBJ renovations and couldn't have been more pleased. James is a skilled GC who makes you feel like your job is the most important and only thing on his mind, and believe me he works hard so he is constantly juggling and he does it expertly. He controls the crew well (they are extremely loyal to him so he is definitely doing something right), and (the most important thing) the work is top of the line, James really have an eye for detail. The basement was underpinned and renovated with a laundry center, gym, and new bathroom, and he also did some work on the 1st floor for our family home.
  • home improvement directory rec

    REVIEW: For about 6 months, our family went through some really awful experiences with a contractor who took money, made promises, rarely showed up to work, and eventually (after we gave him $41k!) stopped coming. Breaking it off was similar to ending an abusive relationship. After we ended it we had to redo a lot of his shoddy work, which caused a delay in time and a severe financial strain (rent + mortgage+ double utilities= no funny money). But as anyone undergoing a complete renovation can attest, the emotional strain was by far the worst kind. When were we moving? Our children began to believe we were mocking them when we spoke of the "new house," and we all began to hate this old/new house. Our lives were a mess and we tumbled down into an abyss called "we were had by a GC." We borrowed and borrowed with a completion date nowhere in sight and I dreamed, lived, and breathed the house. Heaven helped us and we mustered up the courage to tell him we had enough. After interviewing about 20 GC's in the span of 4 months, we finally found a really great one that my husband and I would like to recommend, and I am posting this now because my enthusiasm and the memory of the terrible GC we had is still fresh in my mind. James is AWESOME! He is Italian American, 4th generation GC, and his prices are very reasonable, I would say he is not expensive and not the lowest price either. But I am the first to admit that you do get what you pay for and it pays to spend a little more than the low-ball bid and not have huge headaches. James is a perfectionist and he runs his crew like troops in the military! The quality of the work is just skimping on materials to save $ (most of them do this and the homeowner doesn't know), and the guys work overtime to finish the job. If there's an upgrade, James will let you know and ask if you want to cover the difference. We did this with the insulation between the frame and brick part of the extension which in our case was $180. Another contractor wouldn't even know to offer you this option, and for $180 we probably will save thousands over the years on heating costs. It definitely pays to go with a legit company and not with some handyman and his day laborers who he picked up from the streets that morning. James does everything (except maybe cleaning out the inside of the chimney :-)) and his work is high-end (Manhattan-quality workmanship). He did everything (demo, foundation, brick, frame) for an extension to our house. I want you to understand that the construction fence they put up is one of the prettiest ones I have ever seen. The guy who was framing it was using a level!!! (To make sure it was perpendicular on a 90 degree angle). We lost so much time and money with the previous contractor that when we finally saw a crew that wanted to and did work we couldn't believe it! If you have never had a bad contractor, you cannot fully appreciate a great one and I do hope that no one goes through what we did. James is hands down professional, clean, knows the job, and how to run the crew, and is a man of his word. He is on the job and has an excellent foreman to be his eyes and ears when he cannot come to the job. Whatever you do you should get estimates from at least 3 recommended GC's (what we did when we interviewed so many was overkill, but I was honestly so nervous to fall in again!) and then see if the one that you like will work with you on the price. We did this with James because we liked him a lot and we trusted him to do the job over the other guys. Please feel free to email me with any questions (I've learned a lot about all sorts of things during this process and would love to share my knowledge) and good luck!!!
  • Re: ISO tile guy

    JBJ contractors have the best tile guy. We used them last month to do sort of the same thing, when we upgraded the batbathroomhroom by tiling and changing the fixtures. They did a wonderful job. ask for Ray.
  • Re: ISO: Some one to re-tile bathroom floor

    Recommended without full review
  • Re: Skylight help

    We used JBJ to fix the leaks with our skylight. They repaired and sealed it and it has been fine since. It was done in 1 day, patch up and paint. They are reliable and inexpensive. we spoke with Ray.