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  • ENT for Adenoids Removal

    My at the time 3 year old son had his tonsils and adenoids removed by Dr. Jay Dolitsky last spring. Dr. Dolitsky was very good with my son during office appointments and ultimately recommended surgery. He reviewed the procedure with me in detail before and again after the surgery. The day after the surgery he called me to find out how my son was doing. I think he also sees adults but I'm not sure. I would highly recommend Dr. Dolitsky.
  • ISO: Toddler's Adenoidectomy and Tonsillectomy Experience

    My daughter had similar issues and had both removed when she was 4. It was a very quick and easy recovery! She was essentially fine a day later and we're so happy we did it when we did. We love Dr. Dolitsky and his staff.
  • 2018 Review

    My son is getting allergy shots with ENT Allergy... Dr. Vasallo at Cadman Plaza office was straightforward with us and very knowledgeable. They make his weekly visits very pleasurable and my son doesn’t complain.
  • Thanks for the Pediatric ENT recommendations

    Dr. Dolitsky was really awesome. He took his time to listen to my concerns and was very clear. After the surgery he talked to me for a while and assured to me everything was going to be much better. He then call me the next day post op to check in on my daughter. (Reviewed April 2015)
  • Re: [PSP] Pediatric ENT recommendation: Dr. Dolitsky

    [in response to review below] Could not have said it better!! Great doctor!
  • Pediatric ENT recommendation: Dr. Dolitsky

    I wanted to join the chorus of those wholeheartedly recommending Dr. Jay Dolitsky from ENT Allergy in Manhattan (around 29th street and 5th Ave). He did a tonsil/adenoid reduction on my four-year-old for snoring/poor sleep issues about a month ago and we were so happy with him, his office staff, and everyone we dealt with at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he operates. The procedure was fast, she was back at day camp after a long weekend, and both her sleep and breathing have improved dramatically already, though apparently it can take a while to see the total effect. Dr. Dolitsky is really a genius at engaging with kids, very clear and patient with parents, and of course an experienced surgeon (though I found him in general quite conservative and he never pressured us to do surgery). He's also very prompt about returning calls and never rushes in the exam room-- you really have his undivided attention. PSP was so helpful to me when I was looking for an ENT for my daughter and also researching surgery so I am hoping this will help other parents in similar situations.
  • Re: ISO recommendation for audiologist for 19mo

    Also, should you need a brilliant ENT recommendation, Dr Jay Dolitsky works out of here and he is, well, brilliant.
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    Comment: Recommended by PSP Member without review
  • (no subject)

    I wanted to post about our really good experience yesterday getting the kiddo's tonsils and adenoids shaved. Dr. Dolitsky was great. I felt like he was very competent and in total control. I think he has a great bedside manner with the parents and kids, though I have to say we only met him once before the surgery so that was our only experience. He was very respectful of us and our needs after the surgery. And today he called personally to see how the kiddo is doing. NY Eye and Ear Infirmary was also great. We were a bit unsettled when we walked in bc the downstairs intake area almost seems like a free clinic - really busy with lots of older patients but once we got up to the pediatric floor, we felt comfortable and there were lots of kids there. The nurses were really nice (save one that took vitals that was a bit cranky) and really good with kids. Two of them were just downright sweet. One put a bandaid on my son's lovey so they could match! They let one parent go in the room with them while they get the mask for the anesthesia and they put the mask on daddy's face at the same time. All the doctors in the surgical room were really nice and we felt totally comfortable. (June 2012)
  • (no subject)

    My son saw Dr. Dolitsky for chronic ear infections and he is excellent. He is great with kids and an excellent doc. My son had to get tubes in his ears and he was wonderful with our son and us at the hospital. The waits in his office are always very long so try to get the first appointment of the day if possible or be prepared to spend lots of time. (March 2012)
  • (no subject)

    Amazing. Loved him. I think he is the best around. He sorted out my son's breathing difficulty without intervention. (March 2012)