Jason - D&J Removal Service
Jason - D&J Removal Service


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  • Bulk Item Disposal

    I have also had frustrations with the city trash pickup because I can never get a straight answer from 311 and I also worry about fines. To avoid these headaches I started using the construction debris removal guy that my contractor used during our renovation. That way I don't have to deal with figuring out which days to put stuff out and how things need to be broken down (recycling vs. trash). The last time he came was to take away an filthy unwrapped mattress someone dumped in front of my house. I called 311 first and they said since it was an "illegal dump" I did not have to wrap the mattress in plastic but that it would take the city 3-4 days to pick it up and I could be fined each day it was on the curb. Thanks NYC Sanitation! I don't know how much he would charge for the sleeper loveseat or whether or not he would move it from the 4th floor. He has moved fairly large items from my basement and backyard before but nothing as large or heavy as a sleeper sofa.