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  • Divorce lawyers experienced with domestic violence, cps involvement

    My case did not involve CPS, but it did involve anger management issues, emotional and psychological abuse, court, and multiple supervisors as part of supervised visits. It was an unusual divorce process and my lawyer was/is excellent at legal strategy. Jason Advocate. https://www.advocatellp.com/. I also worked extensively with his now partner, Katherine Chesnut. I don't know if he covers Nassau County, but he definitely handles all five boros of NYC.
  • Litigation attorney that specializes in domestic abuse

    He has an excellent strategic legal mind (I mean, he should - his last name is advocate after all!!) and terrific instincts. Now that he has his own practice, I think a lot of his distractions have disappeared as his firm went through three iterations during my own divorce process. I found it super valuable to have his now partner Katherine on board as well, they are a good team across the two of them. She handled the nitty gritty and drafted everything at a lower rate than Jason. She explained stuff to me and did some of the handholding that Jason said I should do less expensively with my therapist (who wasn’t helpful with navigating the legal terrain as she was unfamiliar with the landscape). Jason gave her the direction for her to execute and gave us backup when we needed to be in court.
  • Litigation attorney that specializes in domestic abuse

    I had a disappointing experience with Jason and I am still suffering the repercussions of issues that were not included in our agreement 9 years ago. Our retirement assets were not QDROed and college payment was not determined for one of our children. Jason was convinced all would "just work itself out" but things got more contentious as these things were left unresolved. Jason was also very difficult to reach, didn't return phone calls, and worst of all, failed to show up in court on a date we had a hearing scheduled. But Jason is also smart, understands how to negotiate and can avoid protracted hearings and court battles. He is honest, just not organized. He won't rack up court time to boost his fees. I just recommend insisting that every detail be included that you want and have someone else look the agreement over for what might be missing (which I did but unfortunately didn't help). You know your ex and family better than your attorney so it's important to insist on items that they may poo poo and feel are not as critical to spell out. You don't want any open loopholes or unresolved issues if you can avoid them. Finality is important so you can put the divorce behind you and start living again.
  • Litigation attorney that specializes in domestic abuse

    He is a talented litigator (and worked at white-shoe law firms before starting his own practice) but he did his best and avoided litigation in my case ...because I felt like he heard what I ultimately wanted in my case and he fought for that (I identified 2-3 non-negotiable things I wanted; the next few things I really really wanted but could compromise on for the sake of, ultimately, a fast divorce to move on with peace). I experienced domestic violence in my situation and I felt comfortable being open to Jason about the details without being made to feel crazy at all (when most other ppl I spoke with naively thought DV doesn't happen to "people like us"). I thought his advice was excellent -- always given as advice in a way that I could weigh my own tradeoffs and choices, and some of it pertained to how we did our case although it was usually about what I could do outside of the legal divorce case (i.e. for me to think about with additional advice from my therapist). Of course, I have recommended him to friends and they have not been as pleased; and I know if you search his name on PSP there are other reviews--good and bad-- for him. its ultimately about who you think will best align with your interest. I will say you have to manage him. I was on top of when I emailed/called, noted when I expected a call back and would follow-up if I hadn't heard back in time.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Family lawyer recommendations?

    'm sure he does pre/ and post/ nups, although I haven't used him for this purpose. I can't recommend my divorce attorney enough - Jason Advocate. He's: - incredibly smart - strategic (mixing his knowledge of law; personalities of the Kings County judges; and experience in how the other side reacts/i.e. partial therapist) - and also understood my concerns. I felt like he best represented MY interests. he used to work for a fancy white-shoe law firm that charges tens of thousands in retainers until he started his own practice. I think he's great and worth a call for an initial consult.
  • (no subject)

    He is a decent and fair person but looks to do the best he can for you. My ex hired a power house firm and there was no way I could afford that. Jason did a terrific job and I paid a lot less than I would have had I tried to match my opponent. August 2012