Janine Kelly, MD
Janine Kelly, MD


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Reviews (2)

  • OBG recommendations downtown BK

    If you are in need of a GP and are anywhere near Maimonides, I cannot recommend Dr. Janine Kelly enough. She’s a brilliant physician whose only failings are that she spends too much time with her patients (so her office sometimes runs behind) and is extremely conservative in assessing your health (she will exhaust all possible angles before making a diagnosis, which can take time).
  • Looking for doctor who's a creative problem solver

    So, it may be a bit of a nudge to get yourself into her practice (she is primarily a gerontologist), but Janine Kelly at Maimonides is an incredible, thorough, holistic care doctor. Yes, she orders tests (lots and lots of them, often unusual ones), but she is also extremely knowledgeable in and will also recommend the use of herbs, has an incredible background in parasitology, and is just - generally speaking - brilliant and thoughtful. She’s like a less jerky version of Dr. House. She isn’t free from quirks (she cut her teeth medically triaging the AIDS pandemic in NYC, so has some knee jerk reactions to things like unprotected sex even with a long term partner; she is so thorough that it can slow her practice down so I’ve often had to wait for appointments, flip side, she will call you back after hours even if her office has closed), but they are easily navigable for her incredible diagnostic mind and level of care. If that weren’t enough of an endorsement, she was the only GP that my doctor parent would see before she relocated in NYC from Phelps in Tarrytown, and he’s is INTENSE in his demands for doctors that are as brilliant as he is (and he is, he’s never in 40 years of practice had a total hip, total knee, spine, or clubbed foot fail on him).