Jan Brown
Jan Brown


Jan Brown is a life and career coach primarily focused on working moms and moms going back to work after a hiatus. Jan helps her clients create a life that balances the way they want to parent with their desire for fulfilling, satisfying work. For stay at home moms going back to work, Jan helps them get clear about what they want, get their confidence back, and find or create work that truly makes their heart sing.  For moms who are currently working, Jan helps them get more of what they want from their current job (such as greater flexibility or more satisfying projects) or find or create a new job or enterprise that better fits their skills and interests.

Jan believes that, as a parent especially, we deserve to do work that fulfills and energizes us, not drains us and that IS possible to have work that we love almost as much as our children.

Jan is certified by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). She is a mom of a 7-year old daughter and lives happily ever after in Park Slope.

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  • Career coach

    I’m a big fan of Jan Brown: I especially appreciated how candid I was able to be with her and how she helped me to see how I could create a situation at work that worked for me.