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  • Review from the 2022 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: 7000 Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11234 How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 9 Review: My daughter LOVED Jamaica Bay Riding Academy. She wanted to do the extended day option every day. The camp includes daily trail rides along the beach, riding lessons, taking care of the horses, and meals. She made friends and looked forward to going every day.
  • horse riding lessons close to the city

    My daughter has been taking horse riding lessons at Jamaica Bay Riding Academy for nearly a year and she loves it! It's not too far of a drive, right off the belt parkway and it's been around for decades- I think the 1970s, with the same family running it.
  • horse riding lessons close to the city

    I have had a good experience with riding lessons for my daughters at Jamaica Bay Riding Academy in Brooklyn.
  • Horseriding in Brooklyn and gear

    We have ridden at both Lynn’s and Jamaica Bay, and both stables were great.
  • Horseriding in Brooklyn and gear

    I second Jamaica Bay Riding Academy. My dd loved it there and she also enjoyed the summer camp program. It’s a bit of a commute if you don’t have a car but we’ll worth it.
  • Horseriding in Brooklyn and gear

    My 8 year old daughter C. has been taking weekly riding lessons for the last 5 months at Jamaica Bay Riding Academy which has been fantastic. The prices are decent - $60 for 30 minute private lessons. We bought a riding helmet and boots for about $75 from Dover Saddlery online. Jamaica Bay Riding Academy has been around for nearly 50 years and C.'s coach, Jake, is absolutely wonderful and was the athletics director at Brooklyn Friends for 15 years before becoming a full time Equestrian Coach. They have about 90 horses there so getting a lesson is a lot easier than getting one at Kensington Stables. The only downside is that I'm not sure its' very accessible without a car- we live in Flatbush and it's about a 20-25 minute drive for us.
  • Physical Activities for Teens

    My youngest has started horseback riding lessons at Jamaica Bay Riding Academy and loves it. They have an inside and outside area so they can offer lessons year round, and they have about 90 horses so they don’t fill up. The staff also wears masks which I’ve found very reassuring.
  • 2018 Summer Camp Reviews

    Age of child: 9 Summer 2018 Review: Jamaica Bay Riding Academy is a well-run, professional operation. The day camp, which seems like a bit of an afterthought, is sparsely attended and not particularly developed. There were a total of 10 kids in camp the week my kids attended, with instruction by a single counselor. There are several drop-off and pick-up options to choose from; we took the 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. option. These were the activities: Day 1: groom and saddle the horses, two trail rides, one lesson in ring Day 2: two trail rides, wash horses Day 3: one trail ride, one lesson in ring, feed horses Day 4: two trail rides, one lesson in ring, entire group washed a single horse Day 5: one trail ride, one lesson in ring, polish saddles This agenda made for plenty of riding time but few other activities and long periods of down time, with the kids sitting idly in the cafeteria waiting for the counselor to return. My kids, who don’t need to be entertained all the time, took a pile of books and were largely okay with reading during these periods. To me it seemed like a missed opportunity. Summary: Pros—A lot of riding time. If your kid takes lessons anyway, it’s no more expensive than any other camp. Flexible drop-off and pick-up options, and lunch is included. Cons—Kids are required to take 10 lessons before attending camp, at $50/half hour, so if you’re starting from scratch and only go for one week, it's twice as expensive as other camps. The commute from Park Slope is strenuous. There’s a lot of downtime.
  • Review from 2013 Summer Camp Experience

    Age of Child: 11 Likes: The kids oved riding the horses on trails to the beach, and in the ring, washing and grooming horses. What would you change? Lunch is included - but it is mostly fried food. The campers are offered soda, ice tea, or lemonade several times throughout the day, along with refills. The sugar intake was a concern to us. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend Do you have any other information to add? Your child needs to be have had riding lessons before enrolling in this camp. It can be a scary experience for beginners. They should be comfortable riding on a trail without a lead line. Sometimes the horses get agitated by mosquitoes, or otherwise spook