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Reviews (4)

  • Adult guitar lessons in Park Slope

    I recommend Jalopy in Red Hook. It's worth the trek:
  • Shout Out! Jalopy Kids Music Classes

    Just want to send a shout out for Jalopy Theater's kids music classes! After school music programs start this week. No affiliation here- we are just very happy customers and are excited that they're reopening their kids program (and doing it so safely). They start kids right away playing songs and singing together- exactly what we were looking for in music classes for our daughter. We've found it really inspires confidence and joy in the early stages of learning. Our daughter has gotten so incredibly into ukulele & guitar after continuing with private lessons with her teacher from her (before times) Making Music group class. She's such a joyful player and is advancing tremendously. We highly recommend!
  • ISO: Piano lessons for 9 year old beginner

    My 10 year old son started piano lessons with Ali Dineen through Jalopy- he's learning a lot and really enjoys it!
  • ISO:Voice teacher

    My 10 year old son has been taking zoom singing lessons with Ali Dineen through Jalopy and she has been fantastic! He really enjoys them and she tailors the music they practice and the techniques he learns to his interests. She has taught him to sight-read over zoom which I was super impressed by.