Jaqueline Jones, MD
Jaqueline Jones, MD


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Reviews (6)

  • Recommendations for an ENT nearby?

    I see Jaqueline Jones and have had a good experience.
  • Pediatric ENT?

    I recommend Dr. Jacqueline Jones. We saw her at her Park Ave. office, but I believe she sees patients in Brooklyn at Slope Pediatrics in North Slope at least one day/week.
  • [Winter2017Babies] ENT Recommendation

    We did have a good experience so far with Dr. Jacqueline Jones, who put in my little guy's ear tubes after 5 straight ear infections. Her office is way on the UES, but you only have to go there once for the consult and then again for the first follow-up, and after that she has an office in Brooklyn. I've also seen Dr. Modi recommended. We also first saw Dr. April at NYU and he was good, but less good at the bedside manner stuff in our short visit. At the end of the day, we needed the ear tubes ASAP, and Dr. April had a one or two month wait list for surgery, so that made going with our preference for Dr. Jones easy.
  • [Winter2017Babies] ENT Recommendation

    We like Dr. Vikash Modi. He is also uptown on 72nd Street, but in my opinion worth the trip. We also saw Dr. Jaclyn Jones in Park Slope before seeing Modi but really wasn’t happy with our she interacted with me or my son.
  • Summary & thanks re: ped ENT recs

    Dr Jackie Jones is awesome and I can not speak more highly of her. She has office hours once a month in a Friday in park slope. She is normally located on Park Ave. We just had my sons adenoids out with her and she was amazing during the entire experience. In fact- I actually enjoyed the experience with her even though my son was put under anesthetic. I have had many friends who also see her as well for their children and had same great experience.
  • [Spring2016Babies] Pediatric audiologist

    My now 11-month old baby got tubes last week. We had Dr Jacqueline Jones to do the procedure, she has an audiologist at her Upper East Side practice: I was nervous about the procedure, but all went really well! Emil was really cranky when he woke up, but that lasted for only about 30 minutes, and he calmed down with nursing. And definitely not acting insane, just crying quite a bit. After only a week, I am so happy he had the procedure — I can see his hearing has improved already. He was just developing a new infection when he had the procedure and with the tubes, that passed too. Good luck — I’m sure everything will go well!