Jacqueline Frank
Jacqueline Frank



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  • Iso:mortage broker

    I had a bit of a frustrating experience with Jacqueline Frank, having applied for a refi in Sep 2019, and ultimately coming up empty-handed. I had my paperwork ready to go and turned things around right away, but just seemed to keep dropping the ball. I was in underwriting in October but they kept coming back (after long delays, or with me prodding) needing more info, and this kept up until well into COVID season, when they weren't able to offer the full loan amount due to changed guidelines, sigh.
  • Mortgage Broker Recommendations?

    I had a great experience with Jacqueline Frank. Super helpful in walking me through everything and when things got delayed, she managed to get the rate down another .25%!! I was getting a beyond super mongo jumbo loan amount so I was over and above anxious about the whole thing and she made it as easy as it can be.