Interactive Discovery, P.C.
Interactive Discovery, P.C.


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Reviews (5)

  • Therapist for 5-year-old

    We have been using Interactive Discovery since around summer 2021 for our now 7 year old. Our original therapist left the practice, but my child has been seeing Dr. Elsa Obus (psychologist) since October 2022. Specifically for anxiety - managing feelings of anxiety, breaking anxiety spirals when they begin, etc. Elsa is specifically trained in CBT, which she incorporates into therapy sessions.
  • Help for parenting a "perfectionist" kid

    My 6 (almost 7) year old has been seeing a therapist at Interactive Discovery ( since around the summer of 2021. Our initial concerns were what we felt was pretty debilitating anxiety - anxiety that would spiral into meltdowns and we were unable to lift her out of those moments. My partner and I had reached our capability on handling these meltdowns and felt like we no longer had any tools to make progress. Since seeing her therapist (Rebecca Zeitlin), we think she's made significant progress on the anxiety front. She has learned and developed techniques to help her process the anxiety in the moment and has been very successful at independently heading off meltdowns. Now our/her focus has started to shift to self-esteem work. This is an age where there is a lot of comparison (self-driven - we're not comparing her to her peers). In terms of the intake process, we had an initial Zoom screening meeting with Veronica Brodsky, the founder/head of the practice. There was paperwork that we filled out ahead of time. In that intake meeting, we discussed our specific concerns and the impetus for seeking therapy, and we discussed scheduling, etc. She then said that she had a few providers on her staff that she thought would be a good fit, but we still needed to wait a few months to start based on their and our mutual availability.
  • Need therapist for anxiety and ADD for 10-year-old

    Your daughter sounds exactly like mine was 4 years ago!! She was very easy going and a happy child until 4th grade when we started to see cracks. I didn’t push hard enough with the DOE and it’s a big regret of mine. When I finally had her evaluated, after 5th grade, she was found to have ADHD and anxiety. They were both so prominent that it was difficult to figure out one was more of an issue. We decided to start with the anxiety and she has been seeing Dr. Jacqueline Kluger at Interactive Discovery she’s been seeing her for about 2 years and we have seen a huge improvement in anxiety and ability to manage her assignments and other responsibilities. Her confidence has flourished and her effort with things that interest her is significantly improved. We still struggle with reading the entire instructions and staying on task but it is so much better. Good luck to you and to her.
  • Psychiatrist/talk therapy for teen

    We found a good therapist at Interactive Discovery in Park Slope.
  • Education/psych help for teen daughter?

    Hi I don’t have a specific recommendation but you may want to contact Alexandra at interactive discovery. She runs groups for teen girls as many girls that age are more likely to open up to others like themselves rather than adult therapists or tutors. (December 2019)