Ingrid Strauss
Ingrid Strauss


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  • Financial Planning/Estate Planning for a young family recommendations

    Three years ago, when our first was born, my husband and I took the steps to get our financial house in order. We got a great recommendation from a friend whose financial planner was based in Minneapolis, Ingrid Strauss of Cordis Financial. (Ingrid is a mom of 4!) We've been working with her since 2017. Initially, she covers the basics, including everything you listed, ie. maximizing your income and planning for retirement (or whatever life goals you may have). After all our accounts were set up, she would check in occasionally, like once a year. We actually had a phone check-in this May after the pandemic hit; she didn't charge us for this. We've done all our meetings over the phone, so the fact that you can't meet in person isn't in a big deal (in our experience). You can reach her at / 612.268.2620