Improv Comedy with Laura
Improv Comedy with Laura



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  • Improv Comedy with Laura

    Laura is an actor and creator and was my now eight year old son's babysitter when the pandemic started.  She's always been joyful and kind, but I cannot say enough about the joy she has consistently brought into his life through her improv comedy lessons.  It's a mixture of traditional improv, storytelling and occasionally creative writing, and each week I can hear him laughing as they work on the latest technique or skit.  They even recorded his very own variety show for the holidays. In addition to making him happy, I see him starting to use the improv and storytelling techniques in the rest of his life - a wonderful infusion of esteem for a shy, quiet kid who doesn't always know how to talk to others. I can't say enough good things about Laura, I'm so glad she (and her improv) have been there for us over the past year.   She works with kids 6-12, and does classes of 1 or 2 kids.