Imperfect Foods
Imperfect Foods


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Reviews (2)

  • Alternative to Fresh Direct?

    Misfits and Imperfect Foods are our go tos. You have to think ahead and deal with their availability - which is usually great in my opinion. I can’t stand that I have to shop without a reusable bag at all, but at least I’m rescuing food. Imperfect takes back the frozen packs, silver freezer bags and plastic bubble wrap (used for eggs) so all is not lost!
  • grocery delivery

    I took a chance and placed an order with imperfect foods. They sell food that might be a little ugly or short dated or with a label changed, etc. Supposedly they are reducing food waste. The selection is limited, but lots of produce, meat, fish and pantry items. I’m seeing it as a way to get fresh stuff into the house weekly. My order arrived on Friday. You log in on Monday-Tuesday to make any changes to your box. It was easy. The prices are a little higher than the coop, but less than a regular grocery store.