Imagine South Slope Montessori
Imagine South Slope Montessori


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  • Spanish Language Day Care Recommendations

    Imagine South Slope Montessori might be a little far for you (5th Ave near 8th St), but it is truly wonderful. It’s a small school, so they have one mixed-ages classroom. The educators speak Spanish natively and professionally. They get a good school-ready pre-education there. They visit the playground (weather permitting) and have music class weekly. We’ve also found a great sense of community there. I sent my two kids there since they turned 2. One has moved on to Kindergarten and the other still attended. Before they were 2, we had a nanny. And we’ve continued to work with our nanny since this helps us cover the times they’re not in school.
  • Highest Recommendation for Imagine Spanish Immersion Montessori (5th Ave & 8th St)

    I wanted to share the incredibly positive experience we've had as a family with Imagine South Slope Montessori (in the BAX building on 5th Ave & 8th St). We moved back to the US from my home country in February. It was the first time our 3 year old daughter was being cared for in a setting outside her home and none of us speak Spanish so there was a lot of change to navigate. We have been so lucky. Edith, the owner & head teacher, has been so wonderful with our daughter and caring for all of us. Saoirse has been learning Spanish and is really thriving at the school. She's happy, she's making friends & she asks me everyday if she can go to school today, being disappointed when the answer is no on weekends. The environment & setting is wonderful with large dual aspect windows. My daughter loves to do painting and comes home proudly showing me the artwork she's done everyday. The other parents are lovely and we've found a real sense of community. If you're looking for a Montessori setting, I cannot recommend Edith & her school enough.
  • Welcome to the NEW 2018 Kids Group!

    D. was going to Imagine South Slope Montessori before the pandemic started; it’s a teeny little Spanish immersion school in the BAX building (Fran is from Argentina so we’re a bilingual household) and we LOVE it. They closed in March but reopened this fall and we started sending him back a few weeks ago, a hard choice but they are doing a great job with ventilation and safety and all the kids wear their masks all day, which really surprised me.
  • Do you know about the Imagine South Slope Montessori school?

    I’ll add that I’ve found it to be an incredibly warm place that understands the changing needs of individual families and children. I really love how responsive they are to each student’s interests and needs from moment to moment. It is such a special place and as someone who was extremely hesitant about sending my daughter to any program I can say that it’s been 100 percent the right choice. My daughter loves it there. They were very sensitive to the fact that this was her first time in any kind of program without me. She’s learning a lot and is happy to go. Im happy to share any more info if it’s helpful. Good luck with your search.
  • Do you know about the Imagine South Slope Montessori school?

    Our 2-year-old daughter attends South Slope Montessori and we have been beyond happy with it. I have so much good to say that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll cover some basics but feel free to reach out with any specific questions. Edith, the owner and head teacher, is an educator with over a decade of experience. All teachers are proficient in Spanish, natively and professionally. They have a true Montessori approach with different activities available in the classroom and the kids all floating from one to the next. Our girl likes to paint and play with water, and she can do that every day there if she wants to. If she sees older kids doing something a little more advanced, they let her take a stab at it too, at her own pace. The teachers gently guide the kids to get them started, then they step back. They have an visiting instructor who teaches music and movement classes (once a week for each). Our daughter has learned new songs from her already and I can tell she looks forward to it. The other kids and parents are lovely people and we’ve enjoyed meeting them all. Some speak Spanish at home (like us), some don’t, but we all share the interest in the language and the educational approach. The location was another consideration for us. They have a classroom in the BAX building, which was quite convenient for us compared to other programs that I looked at. I feel so lucky that this program is walking distance for us, no need to travel any further. There’s more I could say, and maybe I will in a future post, but in the meantime please feel free to reach out with any additional questions. I also recommend joining the specialty group for Spanish-speaking families on SSP if you haven’t already. That was where I first heard of this program.
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    This program is amazing! It is run by the most incredible, loving, caring, and intuitive teachers I've ever encountered. It's the only Montessori Spanish Immersion program in the neighborhood, so if you're interested in either of those things, do yourself a favor and check it out. I love how small and intimate it is. The space is cheerful and the kids are engaged and happy to be there. It's been a wonderful fit for our incredibly independent little girl, and it's allowed her to explore all kinds of topics she's been interested in. This past year, as per her intense interest, they've worked on some anatomy and astronomy - at toddler level, of course. It's just one of the things I love about their program being play-based and child-led rather than having a formal curriculum. We love it so much, we'll be sending our second child there, even though we'll be moving and the commute will be tricky. I wish it had outdoor space, or that they did occasional field trips. Why? because I think the little ones would enjoy it, though the space is so lovely, the kids don't seem to miss it. I would have been tempted to have mine there with more hours if that had been the case.