Hudson’s House
Hudson’s House


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  • 2’s program this fall

    I don’t have experience with Rory’s Room, but my son currently attends Hudson’s House (one of the sister locations) and we love it. The director Ashley is very dedicated and has curated a learning environment that all the kids subscribe to. I imagine she sees to it that all the locations are run similarly. This is the 4th daycare environment we’ve been in (Bright Horizons for early childcare, Brooklyn Preschool of Science for summer camp, and Who’s on First last spring) and this is by far the best run organization I’ve seen. My favorite thing that they do is give real time updates of the kids with photos and videos through an app throughout the day rather than a report at the end of the day (which the other schools did, and which I often found were incomplete and didn’t give me a true picture of what my sons day was like) and the teacher takes their time at pick up and drop off to provide updates on how the kids are doing.