Housing Works
Housing Works


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  • ISO Somewhere to donate toys and books

    Books can be donated to the Housing Works thrift shops! I don't believe they take toys though. If we don't have a friend to pass toys on to we usually end up putting them in box out on our stoop with a "Free - please take" sign and they go really quickly - I like to think to someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to get it for their kid, not that I have control over that.
  • Re: Where to drop off clothing donations in the area?

    Housing Works on 5th Ave, between President and Carroll, accepts clothing donations.
  • Re: ISO donation center

    Housingworks on 5th Ave is my go-to for donations. They'll do free furniture pick-ups, but not for other things, to my knowledge. Might be worth a call though. Maybe they'd pick up for a fee?
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