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Hour Children


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    I love the organization Hour Children. They support children whose mothers are in prison and when the women get out, they help them get jobs so they can support their families. The house the families, teach job skills, help them get clothes and food for themselves and their children - it's really amazing and all encompassing. They accept donations like yours. There are also mentorship opportunities.
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    We've had good luck in the past donating to Hour Children, an organization that helps women who have been incarcerated re-enter society, housing them and their children and providing job training, daycare, etc. They run two thrift shops and they pick up, or you can deliver to their Long Island City stores. I know personally that they provide these items to their women and sell at a discount to the needy community there. For a story I was writing on the organization, I interviewed a woman who had recently come out of prison, excited that her son would be coming to live with her there. When she showed me her room, there was the toddler bed I had donated the week before -- she had just gotten it from the store! It was a wonderful feeling to see how much joy that gave her.
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