Hospital for Special Surgery
Hospital for Special Surgery


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Reviews (15)

  • ISO orthopedic rec for a metatarsal break

    I don’t have an individual rec, but I would strongly recommend setting something up at Hospital for Special Surgery. I had hip surgery there and it’s a first rate place.
  • What do do about chronic back pain?

    A spinal expert — Seth Waldman at HHS is mine. He’s wonderful and takes a lot of insurance.
  • ACL Knee Surgeon

    I had knee surgery (not ACL but another ligament) a few years back with Dr Sabrina Strickland at HSS. She’s in the women’s sports injury group and still there I believe. She was great. Anyone there I think would be.
  • ISO Orthopedist for hip pain

    Not with NYU but I highly recommend Dr Nwachukwu at Hospital for Special Surgery in Industry City. Definitely didn’t push surgery on me, got my pain dealt with and had a great experience overall with the practice. They have a wonderful PT facility right on site.
  • Orthopedist/Hand Therapist Recommendation

    Dr. Steven Lee and Dr. Scott Wolf at HSS are both excellent.
  • ISO orthopedist who specializes in sports-related knee injuries

    I recommend Gregory DiFelice at Hospital for Special Surgery. I had a torn ACL and did an initial surgery with another doctor, and then needed a follow up procedure and my PT sent me to DiFelice. Didn’t love his bedside manner but he was a good surgeon. I’m not sure what injury you have, but if it’s ACL he has a much less invasive procedure than the standard surgery, with a much faster recovery and the same efficacy.
  • ISO orthopedist who specializes in sports-related knee injuries

    I would recommend Dr. Danyal Nawabi at HSS. He’s treating me for my hip injury, but also does knees. He was recommended to me by several fellow PSPers (am so grateful!). He quickly diagnosed that I had been misdiagnosed for years! He’s one of HSS’ star surgeons and a lovely person.
  • ISO orthopedist who specializes in sports-related knee injuries

    I also recommend HSS. When I tore my ACL and meniscus playing soccer a few years ago I had surgery in their Sports Medicine Dept with dr Robert Marx and I liked him a lot as a doctor, and the procedure was very successful.
  • ISO orthopedist who specializes in sports-related knee injuries

    Dr Sabrina Strickland at Hospital for Special Surgery performed my knee surgery several years ago. She and the hospital were fantastic. I would highly recommend her or someone in her group.
  • ISO Orthopedist for hip pain

    would recommend Drs. Peter Moley and Carlo MIlani. they are physiatrists (non surgical) at HSS.
  • Hand specialist to recommend?

    My husband and I have had great experiences with Steven Lee and Scott Wolf at Hospital for Special Surgery.
  • Spine surgeon and PT recommendations please

    I think we are fortunate to have HSS as a resource in New York. Having had surgery there, I can say that without exception the staff was remarkable-not something you often hear about a hospital stay. The affiliated physical therapy services are also quite good.
  • ISO wrist/hand specialist

    We’ve had great experiences with both Drs. Steven Lee and Scott Wolf at Hospital for Special Surgery
  • 2018 Review

    They aren’t close by, but that facility and all the practicioners are incredible. I just went to see a spinal and pain management specialist and within ten minutes of finishing my appointment I was already getting my X-rays taken. Before I got off of the subway they had already secured permission from my insurance for MRIs. Next visit I’ll get my MRIs then see the dr immediately afterwards so we can discuss the findings. Barely any wait time and the entire process is efficient. Even though trekking into the city isn’t ideal, it’s far easier than having to schedule multiple appointments and wait for results. Plus, their rheumatologists are some of the best in the country.
  • THANK YOU - Re: Urgent - Orthopedic Foot/Ankle Dr.

    Thank you for all the responses - for doctors, physical therapist and more. We spent most of today at the Hospital for Special Surgery where my husband got examined, fitted for a boot and a cat-scan. What a great resource and community we have here.