Hospital for Joint Diseases
Hospital for Joint Diseases


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  • Re: [PSP] Help broken arm!

    The Hospital for Joint Disease at 301 east 17th street in manhattan has an urgent care center. This is where I took a friend after a bad experience at methodist.
  • Re: [PSP] Urgent question re. pediatric orthopedic surgeon

    I would look into the Hospital for Joint diseases at 301 East 17th Street in manhattan which is where I would go with any broken bone.
  • Recommendations for Doctors - Fractured Wrist

    It’s not local but the Center for Join Diseases has an emergency room JUST for your situation (sprains and fractures). And they are affiliated with NYU and I’ve found them to be really awesome.
  • (no subject)

    go to the Immediate Care center at the NYU Hospital for Joint Disease. A friend sent me there when I had a questionable ankle injury, and they saw me within 10 minutes. Not great follow-up care, but way better and faster than the ER.
  • (no subject)

    For broken joints, I second the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases "Immediate Care" - we headed there after my daughter pretty obviously broke her wrist and there was no wait - took an hour total. Caveat, the cast was basically a hunk of plaster and cotton that our orthopedist immediately replaced with a fiberglass one the next day (tho he said it was clinically well done - it was just overkill). Also, it's not pediatric in tone, per se. No advance explanation of what was going to happen, nurse walked in wielding a syringe of morphine with no warning, etc. I had to do a lot of explaining to my daughter in a way that comes naturally to most places oriented to peds. (December 2011)
  • (no subject)

    For orthopedic injuries, I’d say hop in a cab and go to the Immediate Care Center at Hospital for Joint Diseases in Manhattan. I’ve taken my daughter there and have had very good experiences with excellent references for follow up care. That being said, for a true life threatening emergency, the best ER is the nearest ER (I say this as an RN). Otherwise Cornell or NYU have great ERs. I’d also run the other way from Methodist. The sad thing is that with all the hospital closures, the ERs are ridiculously overcrowded and it’s going to get worse, so even the good ones have long wait times. (December 2011)
  • (no subject)

    For broken bones, I’m a passionate fan of the Hospital for Joint Diseases (part of NYU Medical Center) Immediate Care Center on 2nd Ave. and 17th Street in Manhattan, open 8am-11pm. According to their website: “The Immediate Care Center is New York City’s only walk-in clinic for patients with muscle, bone and joint conditions and injuries open seven days a week.” We’ve been there a few times (sadly) and there’s never been much of a wait. The doctors are absolutely fantastic, and at least some members of the orthopedic department have offices in Brooklyn for follow-up. (The thing you have to look out for is, even though the emergency clinic takes all kinds of insurance, not all of the doctors do afterward.) (December 2011)