Honeytree Forest School

Honeytree Forest School


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  • Honeytree Forest School

    We had a great experience with Honeytree Forest preschool during the summer session. Ms. Tamar and her team of teachers turn Prospect Park into an outdoor classroom. Our 4-yr old was a bit nervous at first, but she quickly came to love the teachers, make new friends, and tackle new challenges — physical, social, and in learning about the world. The kids are encouraged to explore the ever-changing landscape of the park and work and play together in an uninhibited way, with support and encouragement as needed. Our child’s particular love of singing was noticed and turned into lunchtime entertainment for the class. Quiet rest time in hammocks is a unique touch. And Covid precautions and other administrative and safety concerns are handled in a very organized way, which is especially impressive for a small team. Overall a magical community for kids and families, highly recommend.
  • HoneyTrees Forest School

    For anyone looking for a Prospect Park forest school for the fall, we can’t rave enough about HoneyTrees Forest School (https://www.honeytreeforestschool.org/). We used the program for the summer and our 4 year old loved it. They take hikes in the park, get nice and muddy, and walk over to the lake to feed the turtles. They have an amazing, Waldorf-inspired approach, and everyday our daughter comes home tired, satisfied, and with new questions on her mind. And the pièce de résistance — rest time in a HAMMOCK among the trees! Sorry parents, for kids only! :) The program ‘appears’ new, because it transitioned from HoneyBirds (https://www.honeybirds.org/) to a forest school during COVID. The school meets near the Nethermead. The director, Ms. Tamar Grimm-Feeser is a longtime educator, and has an absolutely magical touch with the children.