HoneyTree Forest Playschool
HoneyTree Forest Playschool


Honeytree Forest Playschool uses nature as our curriculum, adapting aspects of the natural world as rhizomatic processes for learning, to engage ages 2.8-5.5 years. Each day we visit the park, we create a unique campsite with hammocks and slacklines together. During inclement weather, we utilize our brick-and-mortar homebase in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. 
Our beautiful and grounding space fully facilitates children's imaginative play, with an indoor Treehouse and an outdoor Treehouse in the backyard. Our space is an extension of our ethos which heavily relies on nature-informed, simple design, to allow full creativity in productive play amongst the children. During the Winter session of Honeytree Forest we will use Homebase as our main meeting space, with travel to Prospect Park for beautiful winter outdoor days. 
The Lead Teacher and Program Director, Ms. Tamar, is a Waldorf trained teacher with 17 years of experience. She was one of the founding teachers of The Brooklyn Waldorf School, during which time it received the WECAN (Waldorf Early Childood Association of North America) accreditation. Ms. Tamar later joined another Brooklyn based early childhood school, which also received WECAN accreditation during her time serving as Lead Teacher. Due to Co-Vid 19, this program had to close. In its place, HoneyTree Forest operates as a re-formatted school carrying similar spirit and principles, with added Co-Vid consciousness and seasonal flexibility. We are currently pursuing WECAN accredidation for Honeytree Forest Playschool, which will also facilitate HTF to become a teaching practicum school. 
HoneyTree Forest will operate not only as a daycare, but as an aftercare program until 6pm, and holiday program to serve the needs of families that have children in both public and private schools in Brooklyn. We are looking forward to hearing from you and welcome you to our program. 

Reviews (4)

  • A big shoutout to Honeytree Forest School

    My daughter has had two fantastic years at Honeytree Forest School (Prospect Park most of the year + BedStuy for afterschool and winter season). We're scared/excited she is growing and will start kindergarten next year! Honeytree is now accepting new students, and I can't recommend them enough. The main teacher and owner, Ms. Tamar, has a Waldorf education background and is a amazing child development expert. Ms. Tamar has a deep understanding of each child's individual needs and learning pace. Last year, we had just arrived from Brazil, and my daughter M was almost 3 years old. Although she made friends and played well, she wasn't speaking English yet. Ms. Tamar's suggestion of a daily "Honeytree Forest School" playtime at home for 30 minutes was brilliant! Within a week, M's English blossomed. It seems she just needed her family's permission to embrace another language. Another unique aspect of Honeytree is that all the children take naps. At the park, they use hammocks. I was sure M wouldn't cooperate, but to my surprise, all the children happily follow the nap routine. It's truly amazing! Witnessing my daughter's growth – her compassion towards others, her willingness to help classmates, explore nature – makes me want to share my exprience and this valuable tip with you. My experience with M at HTF made me rethink about education and what is relevant for early childhood. A big shoutout to Ms. Tamar and the entire Honeytree Forest School team! I highly recommend checking them out.
  • Looking for summer camp for 3 years old boy

    We love Let's Playgroup and Honeytree Forest School. They both are at Prospect Park the entire year (ex winter) and have great summer camps too. Small groups. Play-based. Have a real commitment to children's development in a creative way. My daughter is 3 years old and goes to both during the school year. We are definetly love them! Our daughter loves it too. She is very excited to go to the park every day.
  • Honeytree Forest School

    We had a great experience with Honeytree Forest preschool during the summer session. Ms. Tamar and her team of teachers turn Prospect Park into an outdoor classroom. Our 4-yr old was a bit nervous at first, but she quickly came to love the teachers, make new friends, and tackle new challenges — physical, social, and in learning about the world. The kids are encouraged to explore the ever-changing landscape of the park and work and play together in an uninhibited way, with support and encouragement as needed. Our child’s particular love of singing was noticed and turned into lunchtime entertainment for the class. Quiet rest time in hammocks is a unique touch. And Covid precautions and other administrative and safety concerns are handled in a very organized way, which is especially impressive for a small team. Overall a magical community for kids and families, highly recommend.
  • HoneyTrees Forest School

    For anyone looking for a Prospect Park forest school for the fall, we can’t rave enough about HoneyTrees Forest School ( We used the program for the summer and our 4 year old loved it. They take hikes in the park, get nice and muddy, and walk over to the lake to feed the turtles. They have an amazing, Waldorf-inspired approach, and everyday our daughter comes home tired, satisfied, and with new questions on her mind. And the pièce de résistance — rest time in a HAMMOCK among the trees! Sorry parents, for kids only! :) The program ‘appears’ new, because it transitioned from HoneyBirds ( to a forest school during COVID. The school meets near the Nethermead. The director, Ms. Tamar Grimm-Feeser is a longtime educator, and has an absolutely magical touch with the children.