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  • Dog groomer recommendations

    I am also a fan of homedoggy. Unlike some of the other groomers in the neighborhood, they typically have availability so you don't have to book a month in advance.
  • Dog groomer recommendations

    I highly recommend Rod Leite at Homedoggy on 7th Avenue, My Gracie would jump for joy every time she saw him, and we would constantly get compliments on her grooming when I walked her. I swear Rod is part of the reason Gracie lived to be 17 years old.
  • ISO Dog Groomer

    I highly recommend Rod Leite, ‭(347) 581-2510,, My vet recommended Rod to me when Gracie, my Westie, was a puppy. She is now 16 years old with renal failure and every time she sees Rod she comes home looking and acting years younger. He last groomed her in mid-June. Please use my name when you contact him. If I may, I'll share a quick story: The first time I took Gracie to Rod for a grooming, he said he would text me when he was nearly done so I could pick her up. Instead, he texted to say he needed an extra hour. When I asked him why, he texted back, "Gracie keeps kissing me on the face and I don't want to muzzle her so it is going to take longer." Anyone else would have just muzzled her. From that point on, I have been a hardcore Rod fan :-)