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  • Review from the Spring 2023 Early Education Survey

    Review: This daycare has been a perfect fit for our family! Our daughter has been attending for about 1.5 years, starting at 7months and she loves seeing her caregivers and friends everyday. We are expecting our second child in September and we plan to send them sometime next year. Everyone there is kind, loving, patient and fun! It is a primarily Spanish speaking daycare. They cook fresh, hearty meals and spend lots of time outside! They are always doing new, creative activities. We love that it is family owned. They have multiple locations but it still feels homey and intimate. When we got off the waitlist at some daycare locations in our neighborhood we fully expected to switch but after touring, we decided commuting was worth it because of how wonderful the care, space and people are here. I have always felt confident and safe with them and my daughter seems to have developed really secure, healthy attachment to her caregivers there. Amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I wish they had 3k!
  • Review from the Spring 2022 Early Childhood Education Survey

    Location: 132 33rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11232 Type of facility: Daycare Review: Our child started at The Brooklyn Daycare on 33rd street at six months old and quickly fell in love with all of his caretakers. Each caretaker greets him with so much love and he is in such a joyful mood at the end of the day when he gets home. We were able to start him on a part-time, 3 day a week schedule and move up to a full-time schedule when we were ready. At first, as a prospective client, the communication with the daycare felt challenging but once we started the program we've had all of our questions, comments and concerns answered in a very timely manner. We plan on staying with the daycare until it comes time for 3K. Our child has made lots of friends and has fully bonded with his caretakers. The facility is bright, clean, and spacious. The daycare offers above and beyond what we could provide for our child if he was in our apartment with a nanny all day. (toys, activities, socialization, etc) They were also very supportive of feeding my child expressed breastmilk during that time period of his life and they even washed all the bottles and sent them home clean at the end of each day - a great perk for a pumping parent. It's also worth noting that this program costs less than many comparable programs north of Sunset Park. What amenities does the facility have? Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Provides meals, Is only closed for 14 days total in the calendar year. What would you change about the program, if anything? Meals are provided, which is amazing, I just wish there was a better way to know exactly what they are eating and how much every day. Photo updates are also sent through Instagram which is difficult if you aren't on the app. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school is handling the pandemic? Due to COVID I have only been inside the daycare once, when I first toured, which is sad but I prefer to know they are limiting the flow of people in the facility. They followed all of the COVID protocols and have only recently relaxed the masking policy in accordance with local and state restrictions. Since we have been attending, they have experienced zero COVID closures.
  • Home Sweet Home Daycare

    We've been with Home Sweet Home since the opening of their 43rd street location in March 2018. Our son started at just over 13 months and is now almost 3. He absolutely loves it there and we do too! He's made many close friendships there and we have with other parents as well. The space is newly renovated, bright and spacious, has backyard access, and is close to the park. The whole staff is loving, friendly, and clearly love all the little ones in their care. Amanda, the owner, is very quick to respond on any issue large or small. We have been so fortunate that she has stayed open during the COVID outbreak, taking all the necessary precautions to keep her staff and the children safe. Nutritious meals are included. We're so grateful to have found Home Sweet Home and highly recommend it!