Homage Skateboard Academy
Homage Skateboard Academy


The Homage Skateboard Academy is an indoor skateboarding educational facility. Our experienced instructors love to teach skateboarding and are constantly progressing in their teaching abilities, just like their skating abilities. We think that skateboarding is more than just a physical activity though, so we also teach about skateboarding culture and how skateboarding can change the way a person perceives their surroundings.

Our facilities allow for a teaching program suited to anyone interested in putting their two feet on a board, no matter how young or old, or what style of skateboarding the student is interested in. We can teach the basics of just riding on flat ground, or we can teach tricks and how to skate obstacles.

Our offerings include: summer skateboard camp, after school programs, group & private lessons for kids and adults, birthday parties, skatepark membership, private events and more! Come skate with us!

Reviews (3)

  • Iso: skateboard teacher

    My son really likes to go to Homage on 615 Degraw Street
  • Skateboarding for a cautious kid

    I tried to teach my daughter to skateboard when she was turning 6 last summer and she wasn't quite ready for it but this summer she really took to it, and she just turned 7 this month, so it seems like a really good age for it. I taught her to push, carve and "tic tac" on my own, and then we've done some private lessons and skate camps at Homage Academy on Degraw and she's loved it there. She is also very cautious but it's been great for her confidence.
  • Re: : ISO: Skateboarding classes

    Homage also does lessons (and vacation camps).