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Reviews (3)

  • Best Meal kits ?

    Hello fresh had good meals but it seemed so unhealthy. Everything seemed to have a sweet sauce or creamy, cheesy component that was over the top for our taste.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Recs?

    HelloFresh fans here. Sunbasket became too expensive. Marley Spoon seemed uneven to me - some things I outright disliked, some just seemed a bit plain. We also liked CookUnity for ready/made meals as well as Daily Harvest.
  • Meal Kit Delivery Recs?

    Lately, i've been using Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon. I like them both but Hello Fresh has more kid friendly options which entices my son to cook a bit and they provide everything, even if it's a clove of garlic. Marley Spoon is very nice but i've had issues with quality control and they have recipes that require equipment you may not have and more often than i'd like certain items were missing from the box. Only things like spices but on the bright side I learned to make my own required blends with spices I already had on hand.