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  • Pediatrician recemmendation

    Another vote for Heights Pediatrics! We generally see Dr. B, but like Dr. Silverblatt as well. It’s a small practice, and they’ve always gotten back to us quickly, scheduled video appts when appropriate and even made house calls at the height of the pandemic for our daughter’s well visits. It’s definitely not the most convenient for us anymore (we’re in Clinton Hill), but we love them. They’re also opening a new and bigger office right around the corner, I believe in the next month or so.
  • Pediatrician recemmendation

    We’ve been going to Heights Pediatrics for four years and only have good things to say about it
  • Brooklyn Heights Pediatrician

    I can't recommend Heights Pediatrics enough. Dr. Silverblatt and Dr. Bea are both soooo wonderful, and so are the staff. I agree - definitely no nonsense, which I found so calming for my first-time-parent nervousness.
  • ISO Pediatrician willing to see sick patients in person

    Our pediatrician, Heights Pediatrics, is seeing sick patients in person. They have separate hours for well and sick visits. They've done a great job with the pandemic- they kept seeing sick patients throughout and were even doing home well visits for a while.
  • Shoutout: Pediatrician doing housecalls for well visits

    Hi All, I just wanted to give a shout out for our daughter's pediatrician, Heights Pediatric, who is doing housecalls for well visits. My daughter just turned 4 and when I called to see about her well visit the front staff advised that if she missed this visit she would have to restart some of her vaccine series, so it was important to keep it. While they're doing everything they can to keep the office open (separate times for well and sick visits, completely separate doctors and staff, lots of cleaning, etc), we live about 2 miles from their office and don't have access to a car so I was nervous to make an in-office appointment. They let me know that they had just started doing housecalls for well visits within a 5-mile radius of their office in Brooklyn Heights. Last Friday Dr Silverblatt and her medical assistant came and saw our daughter in our home. They brought everything they needed with them, including the vaccines, and the apparatus to do her hearing test and it was super easy! A great alternative to in-office visits.
  • Pediatrician Recommendation_ Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens

    I take my daughter to Heights Pediatrics in Brooklyn Heights on Henry St near Pierrepont St. There are 3 doctors in the practice, but they coordinate on patient care so you don't have to stick with one. Their staff is helpful, kind, and accommodating when you need to make a last minute appointment. And even though they are closed on weekends, I recieved a return call within 10 min when I had an emergency question on a Saturday morning. They also offer a new mom's class which was great as a first time mom. I would highly recommend signing up if you go with them.