Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard (Apple & Pumpkin)
Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard (Apple & Pumpkin)


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Reviews (4)

  • Question re: Apple Picking w/ Kids

    We went to Harvest Moon in N Salem last weekend and it was great. Pretty busy, but once you get into the orchard, there's more room to spread out. They had a ton of apples and pears. The Haryride was pretty decent too. They also have a ton of food for purchase there - BBQ, brick oven pizzas and had a band playing.
  • SUMMARY: Apple Picking

    We wound up going to Harvest Moon Orchards (following several recommendations) in North Salem, and I couldn’t recommend it more! Lots of stuff for kids, good food options, a great store for homemade goods, yummy cider and of course, apples!! Other recs: Hurds Family Farm Fishkill Farms Alstede Farms Also this was a very helpful article from Thrillist:
  • Apple picking places...

    FYI - we just went to Harvest Moon on 9/25 and we did get any apples - they are apparently sold out for the season. And I think many of the other area orchards are in the same situation. A friend of mine went to another orchard on the same day and she came about with tiny sour apples. But still a fun day. They have lots of other activities at Harvest Moon and a pumpkin patch. And their apple cider donuts are the best I've ever had. Hands down.
  • Re: pumpkin patch / apple picking accessible by public transportation?

    Harvest Moon in Katonah - I know someone took the train and then a taxi to the farm.