Harold Eylward - Mc Pyel Associates Inc
Harold Eylward - Mc Pyel Associates Inc
  • Sunset Park
    5912 5th Avenue, #1, New York 11220, New York, Kings County
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Reviews (1)

  • ISO tax advisor

    I would recommend Harold Eylward from McPyel Associations. Harold is a tax savant. And he’s very warm and approachable. One note: should you go to his office, don’t expect a slick corporate office with people dressed in fancy suits. His office is frozen in time from the early 1970s (old wood paneling!), and both he and the office environment have what I would call a lovable quirkiness. I would say his office is part Archie Bunker, part Willy Wonka. It’s a very “analog” experience. But the tax advice is excellent and I found him to be very affordable.