Gretta Keene, LCSW
Gretta Keene, LCSW


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Reviews (5)

  • Seeking therapist for anxiety

    I highly recommend Gretta Keene. I've been seeing her for the past few years.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Marriage counseling advice

    I highly recommend Gretta Keene and Bill Murray. They are a husband and wife team in Windsor terrace. My husband and I saw them before we got married to help with communication and it was an excellent experience. We have a great relationship and they provided us with tools to be even more successful. We saw them together 6 or so years ago and still continue to apply what we learned. We have also seen them separately - I’ve been to Gretta for many years and my husband saw Bill for a while too. They are both wonderful but Gretta is an exceptional human being who is real, calls me out and challenges me in a perfectly balanced way.
  • [PSP-SDS] Need therapist to help explain separation to a child

    We have been using Gretta Keene for our daughter - and we love her. She works in an office with her husband, and sometimes they see couples together. They were recommended to me by a friend who saw them with her husband and found them very helpful, and my ex and I may sit down with Gretta's husband, who's name is Bill (I haven't met him yet) to help us get on track with co-parenting. At any rate, I can tell you, Gretta is very helpful to my daughter, who is nine years old, and has been really helpful to me, the few times I've been able to speak with her. She is wise and kind. Her office is in Windsor Terrace. (October 2014)
  • ISO Sand Play Therapist

    I highly recommend Gretta Keene of Keene Murray on Prospect Park West and 15th Street. I've been pleased with the work she's doing with my child. See for more info about the practice and contact info.
  • Review from Therapist Survey 2012

    Type of Therapy: Psychoanalyst Location:Park Slope Sex of Therapist: F Client Base: Older Children (pre-teens), Younger Children, Teens, Adults (individual therapy), Couples, Families Special Needs the therapist meets? Trauma, couples. REVIEW: I was seeing her for trauma & post-partum depression, hoping to get past my issues - some of which I've been carrying around for 40+ years. Her bedside manner is fine, cooperative, if a little too 'Eastern'/'mindfulness'-based.