Greenwood Park Beer Garden
Greenwood Park Beer Garden


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  • Anything like pig beach??

    Greenwood Park is a beer garden with lots of space and food.
  • 2018 Review

    Always baby friendly and they will reserve tables if available.
  • Summary and thanks: Looking for party space for adults

    Greenwood Park (7th ave& 19th st) also has a huge outdoor/indoor space. I am not sure what the deal is with parties/food, but both times I was there parts of the yard were sectioned off for private parties.
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  • On 10-Mar-2013

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  • Re: ISO Adult Birthday Location

    Greenwood Park is good choice, on 7th Ave btw 19th and 20th streets. Easy access by bus B65/B67 (free transfer from 7th Ave subway) Large beer garden with bocce courts, great bar food also. Outdoor beer service with pitchers available. Full bar service available inside with A/C in case thge heat game gets too much Kid friendly up to 6pm. But I recommend getting their early to get a table.
  • [PSP] Laid back bar for a date?

    Also try Greenwood Park. Lots of space on nice days and delicious food and bocce ball too!