Greentree Pharmacy
Greentree Pharmacy
  • Park Slope
    7th Ave between 7th & 8th Streets
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Reviews (4)

  • Welcome to the NEW 2018 Kids Group!

    I got D.'s shot at her doctor(tribeca pediatrics), but I got my flu shot at greentree pharmacy in park slope. i just showed up and it was no big deal, like 15mins total. my insurance covered it. no appt was necessary. not sure if they have an age limit, but it might be worth calling a more locally owned pharmacy near you.
  • Eye exam for drivers license renewal

    There is a pharmacy on 7th - I think it’s called Greentree - close to 7th Street that will do the eye exam as a walk-in. I did it there back in May
  • Re: passport photos for non-US passport

    Greentree Pharmacy, 291 7th Ave., on 7th St. If you go during off hours, there's no one there but friendly staff who will take pictures until you find one you're happy with, and I'm sure they'll be patient with toddlers. I went there after major, fruitless hassles at Rite Aid. If I had gone to Greentree first, I might not have lost the 45 minutes of my life that I spent at Rite Aid, with unusable photos to show for it.
  • a review of Greentree Pharmacy

    I love Greentree Pharmacy. Their products are quality. And really fun to browse - I find myself going in there when I don't even need anything just to look around and chat with Julia, the owner, who is so friendly! The store specializes in stuff for kids, and since she has young kids of her own, she knows what's good. I just had my first daughter three months ago and have gotten pretty much everything there. My favorite products are the Mustela no-rinse face wash, anything from their spread of Weleda products, and the shea butter lip balm up at the counter. I've also made many a frantic trip there to get remedies such as Boiron Cocyntal drops for colic (which I think are the best, though they have plenty of options to choose from), saline solution, and last-minute prescription refills. And most importantly, their prices are UNBEATABLE. The Cocyntal, for example, is literally double the price at Back to the Land. Basically, I recommend this place hands down for their quality products, wide selection, and pleasant and helpful staff.