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Reviews (6)

  • Coworking space recommendations

    My husband is at green desk by city point (close to the dekalb stop) He’s been happy there, I believe his private office is around 425/month
  • Looking for co-working spaces/shared offices (Jan 2019)

    My husband has an office at Green Desk, there’s one in Downtown Brooklyn near City Point and another in Dumbo (and possibly more). Rates are much more reasonable than We Work (he was there previously) and it’s been fantastic.
  • Where's the best place for a freelancer to work from?

    Green Desk in DUMBO – private desk = $300/month, includes printing (limited), Wifi, fax, conference rooms, etc. Close to F train stop.
  • re: renting office space

    My husband rents an office from green desk and he loves working there!
  • re: renting office space

    I've been working at Green Desk in DUMBO for about 6 months and it's been terrific. The location is great, the people are nice, and the place is clean and bright. I also have great office mates and enjoy "going to work" for a change! Highly recommended.
  • Review

    Green Desk does not have a location in Brooklyn, but has them in downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Greenpoint. $299/month for a "single desk."