Green Clean
Green Clean


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Reviews (2)

  • Re: ISO Move In Cleaning Service

    We also had a major deep clean of our new home because the previous owner had a cat and my husband is very allergic. A fellow PSP on this list recommended Green Clean for an allergy cleaning and they were *amazing*. They wiped down the ceiling fan and all walls, cleaned all the AC filters, moved major appliances to get underneath and vacuumed our ceiling.
  • Re: ISO of cleaning service that take credit cards

    We used for a deep clean of a new apt. due to my husband's allergies (he is super allergic to cats; prior owners had cats). They took credit cards and were very customer-service oriented. They are however pretty pricy; we used them for this one time given the special situation. But if you are flexible about costs, they are really dedicated to green cleaning methods and the owner is very hands-on.