Great Jones Spa
Great Jones Spa



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Reviews (4)

  • Manhattan spa / massage reccomendation

    I love Great Jones Spa downtown. They have hot &cold pools, sauna and steam tooms to use if you book a service. It gets crowded on Friday nights or afternoons with groups so I suggest a morning. I went on a Monday morning once and it was like you had the whole spa to yourself.
  • Need spa recommendation

    Try the Great Jones Spa, they have a water spa area with saunas and pools. (July 2014)
  • (no subject)

    I second Great Jones Spa in manhattan and Opal in Brooklyn. Both fantastic!! Great Jones has all the extras....sauna, steam room, tubs that she can spend the day in.
  • (no subject)

    This may have been mentioned but Great Jones Spa for the full spa experience for less than $300 bucks.