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  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Bay Parkway, Brooklyn How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 9 & 12 Review: Campers prepared a breakfast, lunch, and snack throughout the day, which they enjoyed. Unfortunately, for long breaks between each meal prep, the kids were told to play games and allowed to be on their phones, rather than doing any structured activity. Also troubling to my campers was that while older teens were able to do more of the food prep, my capable tweens were given tasks like stretching out premade pizza dough. Lastly, while each week has a theme, it was not a main focus of the time. I had thought with a “food truck” theme, my kids would be learning to prepare a set of foods- instead they created a logo and menu for their business but the cooking was entirely separate from that. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? First, use the free time more wisely- if not in demonstrating some food preparation skills, at least show some cooking related videos. Second, allow kids to do more. Lastly, take advantage of the theme and dive deep into that topic.
  • summer camp

    I'd also suggest Great Apron Kitchen. It's in Dyker Heights. The owner is lovely and the space is huge. She's limiting enrollment to only 10 kids per session. Everyone has their own socially distanced cook station with all of their own tools, including stand mixers. Admittedly their brain breaks might be Dance Dance Revolution tourneys. But they cook their own breakfast lunch and snack, there is a small yard for some outside time and grilling, and we drive, but it's far cheaper than Dynomite, it's a minority women owned business (she's a single mom), and she got my kid to finally eat chicken again (and cook for us at home). She has video classes as one-offs you can sign up for to get a taste of her style.
  • Kids Cooking Class

    This place! Owner is a mom with three kids, so locally owned. Her space is massive, she's really lovely, our 7yo has done several one-day courses with her and just adores them. She also has a couple local teens come assist for day-long classes, which is nice interaction for the kids