Gracie Landes, LMFT
Gracie Landes, LMFT


Gracie Landes, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist, uses Solution Focused Brief Therapy as an effective way to provide couples' counseling, sex therapy and family therapy to adults in Brooklyn, NYC and beyond. She's licensed in the states of NY, NJ, CT, FLA and PA.

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  • Therapist that is IN-network for Aetna

    I absolutely love Gracie Landes and she has been my therapist for 7yrs. Hands down the best therapist I have ever had. She lives in PS but has been doing telehealth.
  • Marriage trouble, couples therapist

    I highly recommend Gracie Landes- she is on 25th and 6th and worth her weight in gold.
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Sex therapist recs please!

    I've gone to Gracie Landes, who's a sex therapist, although I went for something different - so I can vouch she's been a great therapist for me, but I can't vouch for her work on sex therapy. She doesn't actually take my insurance (you can check on her website) but she worked something out with me instead. i.e., if her website doesn't list your insurance, it may still be worth reaching out to her to see if something can be arranged (that would go for any other names you may be given).
  • (no subject)

    Gracie Landes helped us a lot, she is awesome. We had other issues, but she does specialize in intimacy issues. She is practical, doesn't take sides, and really helps you to problem solve things. She would be perfect. (November 2011)
  • (no subject)

    (Review: Feb 2011) My husband & I saw Gracie for about a year & a half. She saw us through separation to the birth of our child. Gracie is an excellent therapist and maintains neutrality while challenging couples to see their issues from the perspective of the other. INSURANCE: She takes Aetna & maybe a few others.