Gosia's Daycare
Gosia's Daycare
  • South Slope
    221 20th Street Apt. 1, Brooklyn , NY
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Reviews (12)

  • Gosia's Daycare

    My family is so grateful for Gosia's Daycare. I cannot say enough good things about Gosia and her team-they are warm and kind, fun and playful, and extremely well-suited to care for babies and toddlers. They have encouraged my young toddler to speak and play with other kids, nap consistently without all of the sleep crutches we had developed at home, and even use the potty. The other kids are all so happy whenever I drop off or pick up and Gosia was patient with me while I got used to the initial drop offs-sending photos and updates to ease my worries. The center is spotless, they feed him healthy meals, and best of all they play all day--outside in the play yard, or inside with arts and crafts or other motor-developing activities! Gosia herself is very flexible and understanding with her families-we are so happy to have found her and highly recommend her to anyone we know.
  • Review from the 2020–2021 Daycare, Preschool, Pre-K, and K Survey

    Review: Our son has attended Gosia's Daycare since he was 3 months old and has thrived under their care. He will enter a Universal PreK3 program this September and we will miss Gosia's immensely. It's a warm and nurturing environment and has provided wonderful socialization for our child. Gosia and her staff really love the children, and do lots of arts and crafts and singalongs with them. They have a great backyard and a wide range of toys and books. They make homemade meals for the kids (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) as well. When we first moved to the neighborhood two families in our building strongly recommended Gosia's - we're so glad we followed their recommendation. Gosia and her staff are responsible, reliable, and organized. They've taken excellent care of our son at every stage of his development. He is happy there and feels very connected to this community. Facility amenities: Has outdoor space, Has after-school options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals What would you change about the program? They do not have a video monitoring system, although we didn't feel one was necessary and Gosia sends pictures to parents. Because we trust them, we've been comfortable with this arrangement. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school handled the pandemic? We felt comfortable with their protocols
  • Review from the 2020–2021 Daycare, Preschool, Pre-K, and K Survey

    Review: Gosia's Daycare has been wonderful for my son. He went from about the age of 1.5, and will go until he begins the city's 3K program. They are very organized with activities, meals, and their schedule in general. They have a cute outdoor space as well. They are very responsive and caring. I trust them completely. Staff wear masks. Facility amenities: Has outdoor space, Provides meals What would you change about the program? I wish they offered 3k at their location. Is there anything you would like to add about how the school handled the pandemic? I felt comfortable with their protocols.
  • day care recommendation

    Gosia's Day Care is an incredible home daycare for babies and toddlers in South Slope, Brooklyn. My son, who is 2, has been there since he was 6 months old. Gosia and her two assistants are wonderful -- warm, creative, energetic, organized. Every day, they do a craft project with the kids, hold circle time with music and take them in the backyard to play. There are also a ton of books and toys, and the women prepare delicious healthy meals. They also take excellent care of babies and keep track of everything from napping to feedings. It's really an amazing place.
  • Daycare Recommendations in South Slope for September

    My son goes part time to Gosias on 20th. Part time for us is 5 days a week, five hours a day. I really love this daycare.
  • Looking for a daycare that I will take my 1 yer old in Spring

    Our daughter has been at Gosia's Daycare on 20th street and 5th avenue for almost 2 years and we absolutely love it! The caregivers are amazing! She goes 5 days a week and happily runs in every morning. They're all incredibly caring and do lots of fun activities and take them out when the weather is good. I don't know if she has availability but it's worth a call.
  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    My child is happy every day that he goes to Gosia's. The caregivers are warm and calm. They go above and beyond with activities: they do art projects, music, they cook with the kids. Also they provide all the food for kids and there is an outdoor space. This surpasses all of my expectations for home-based daycare. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has early morning hours, Provides meals
  • 2018 Review

    My daughter has been attending Gosia's daycare in the South Slope/Greenwood heights for about 2 months, starting when she was about 5 months old. . We've been very happy with it. Gosia and her staff are very loving and take great care of the kids. My daughter is happy to seem them every morning.
  • Review from the 2017/2018 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    We started sending our daughter to Gosia's Day Care when she was 5 months old and we have had a very positive experience the last few months with the staff and care at Gosia's. Gosia followed the sleep/eat schedule we had set up when we first started and was flexible when the schedule evolved. We also like the fact that she makes her own food to serve to the babies every day. Gosia and her staff seem to truly love the babies that are in their care and our daughter is always happy when we bring her back. The price is affordable, there aren't too many other babies, and they seem to have a variety of activities for them to do during the day. When the weather is nice the babies go outside in the backyard or go for a walk in the stroller. There is no live video installed so you can't monitor your child during the day, but sometimes Gosia will send a picture or two every so often. Overall we are very satisfied with the care that our daughter is receiving with Gosia and happy to recommend her. About the facility: Has outdoor space, Has afterschool options, Has early morning hours, Provides meals.
  • Infant Daycare in Greenwood area?

    We really like Gosia's Day Care on 20th Street between 4th and 5th aves. Not sure if this is close to where you are looking and it is a home day care. Gosia is very responsive (via text messages/email) and the children really seem to love her.
  • Daycare review

    Gosia began watching our daughter at 5 months old. She and her assistant, Jennifer, provided excellent care for her. Gosia has very calm, gentle approach and works very well with babies as well as older children. She provided daily activities for the children, including art activities and outdoor time. My daughter developed strong relationships with Gosia and all the other children there. It was such a relief to see the smile on her face when we arrived in the morning and when I picked her up at the end of the day. Gosia is also very easy to work with and was always very responsive via text messaging throughout the day if we had a question or a concern. Had we not moved out of state, we would have happily continued with Gosia as our provider. We highly recommend Gosia's Daycare!
  • Recommendation: Gosia's Daycare

    We've been sending our son there since we used up our parental leave, and we've found Gosia to be warm, helpful, flexible, and responsive! She has a ton of experience (worked at Regina's for years), takes our son outside frequently, and has a great selection of toys, books, etc. Though she doesn't advertise heavily (as far as I can tell, it's just a Facebook page and some business cards she's dropped at places up and down 5th Ave), I think other parents in South Slope should know that she's a good, reasonably-priced option close by (20th st between 4th and 5th Aves). She should definitely be on the list of area businesses, and we recommend her!