Good Day Play Cafe
Good Day Play Cafe


Come to a safe, clean place where your child can play while you can relax!

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  • Indoor gym or play area for babies?

    My daughter loved Good Day Play Café and would still go there at 9 years old if we let her…
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    Amazing space for kids to play and parents to hang out. Staff was very skilled in putting on parties and sticking to a timeline. Bonus, they allow you to get a liquor permit so that if you like you can also have adult drinks. Only thing that would have been better is that there is not a ton of prep time before your party slot begins.
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    We loved hosting a party at Good Day Play Cafe. The space is clean and well-designed, and the flow of the party with the playspace and separate eating area that parents can stay in to overlook the playspace is perfect. Also, they allow outside food, while also customizing a nice package. We highly recommend. There is a package portion with the basic party of pizza and juice, then we added on at a modest/reasonable additional cost coffee and a really delicious flavored water (with actual fruit). We were able to bring other outside food and we brought in bagels and some fruit, and we brought in our own cake but they sliced it (!) which was a huge help.
  • Review from the 2022 Party Survey

    The event organizer took care of ordering and setting up everything from cake/dessert table, themed decor, pizza order, drinks for kids, and party bags! For the price it was the easiest birthday party to plan. A separate coffee/drinks tab was started for the parents. Outside food is allowed and the event organizer setup the outside food as well. The space is very clean and the venue closes between parties to clean the space for the next party. 5/5 star experience, highly recommend! Notes on food: The in-house event coordinated ordered and setup everything. Cake/dessert table almond with pizza is included in the price. Plus you could bring in outside food.
  • 6-year old birthday ideas/locations

    Recommended without full review
  • Toddler birthday party space recommendations

    Good Day Play Cafe in South Slope is a great space for toddlers--we've attended fun parties there before!
  • ISO: Indoor playground recommendation

    Good Day Play Cafe all the way - they are pretty rigorous with their cleaning and mask/check in protocol, only have a certain # of available slots each day, and they clean in between each session with pretty legit supplies and cleaners (I also own a biz and they aren't cutting corners). The owners are lovely and have worked very hard to reopen safely.
  • Winter, Covid, Indoor Playspaces, Podding and More

    I have taken my 3 year old to Play Cafe twice now. They are now doing smoothies and snacks too. C. loves it there and asks to go nearly every weekend. They do such a great job of keeping things clean. I hope to see more kids there and support their wonderful business.

    We have been enjoying All Day Play Cafe in South Slope on 5th and 16th! (October 2019)
  • Class recs?

    Good day play cafe is great for rainy days (September 2019)
  • 2020 Birthday Party Survey response

    Recommended without review
  • 2020 Birthday Party Survey response

    The good day play cafe provided pizza, coffee for grownups, and juice boxes. We brought bagels from the always fabulous Terrace Bagels and water bottles to supplement what the good day play cafe provided.
  • 4th birthday party recommendations

    We were very happy with Good Day Play Cafe, 591 5th Ave (near Prospect Ave), South Slope Fantastic indoor play space and cafe. Staff are very nice and accommodating for parties. The kids have a blast playing in the very nice enclosed play area, while the parents can keep an eye out in the adjacent cafe space in a relaxed way. I want to give them a particular shout out because they’re a little out of the way in South Slope, but are well worth the journey, either for a party or just for a mid-afternoon open play session.