Good Day Play Cafe
Good Day Play Cafe


Come to a safe, clean place where your child can play while you can relax!

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Reviews (7)

  • ISO: Indoor playground recommendation

    Good Day Play Cafe all the way - they are pretty rigorous with their cleaning and mask/check in protocol, only have a certain # of available slots each day, and they clean in between each session with pretty legit supplies and cleaners (I also own a biz and they aren't cutting corners). The owners are lovely and have worked very hard to reopen safely.
  • Winter, Covid, Indoor Playspaces, Podding and More

    I have taken my 3 year old to Play Cafe twice now. They are now doing smoothies and snacks too. C. loves it there and asks to go nearly every weekend. They do such a great job of keeping things clean. I hope to see more kids there and support their wonderful business.

    We have been enjoying All Day Play Cafe in South Slope on 5th and 16th! (October 2019)
  • Class recs?

    Good day play cafe is great for rainy days (September 2019)
  • 2020 Birthday Party Survey response

    Recommended without review
  • 2020 Birthday Party Survey response

    The good day play cafe provided pizza, coffee for grownups, and juice boxes. We brought bagels from the always fabulous Terrace Bagels and water bottles to supplement what the good day play cafe provided.
  • 4th birthday party recommendations

    We were very happy with Good Day Play Cafe, 591 5th Ave (near Prospect Ave), South Slope Fantastic indoor play space and cafe. Staff are very nice and accommodating for parties. The kids have a blast playing in the very nice enclosed play area, while the parents can keep an eye out in the adjacent cafe space in a relaxed way. I want to give them a particular shout out because they’re a little out of the way in South Slope, but are well worth the journey, either for a party or just for a mid-afternoon open play session.