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Reviews (4)

  • suggestion for make up person

    Glam Squad. I’ve had them come a few times for weddings and it’s gone well. It’ll be in your home, so you can monitor so your daughter doesn’t suddenly look like she’s 22 yrs old.
  • ISO: Hair & Makeup Artist That Comes to House

    I recommend Glamsquad. I used them couple of months ago for a family photo shoot, definitely had no time to run from places to places to get my hair and make-up done and I was really happy with the services.
  • ISO: Hair & Makeup Artist That Comes to House

    Glam Squad - I used them when I was attending a very formal wedding, but still BFing. It’s was super convenient and decently priced.
  • ISO in-home hair blow out recommendation

    I used GlamSquad a few months ago and had a great experience with it. The stylist came to my apartment at 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday, brought all of the equipment he needed, and was super chill with me holding my infant while he did the blowout. The only thing I missed about going to the salon/DryBar was that I had to wash my own hair (you have to have it wet when the stylist shows up), but it was a small thing to give up for the convenience of an at-home blowout.