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  • Soccer team with nurturing environment for an 8 year old?

    My son has played for Gjoa since he was 7 (now he's 12) and we love it. He practices twice a week in fall and spring, once in winter, and has games some weekends. Gjoa does not tolerate any sideline yelling or even coaching from parents. They believe that kids should be allowed to make their own choices during games. Every child has an individual development plan that's updated three times a year in conversation with their coach. All of the coaches we've had or met have been lovely. The organization also cares about giving back and the kids have projects throughout the year to support their sister team in Ghana and to help in Brooklyn. Overall, it's an excellent program and I recommend it highly.
  • Help with soccer options?

    My son has played for GJOA for many years (at least 7): he's 16 now. We've been very happy with the coaching he's received and his development as a player.
  • Review from the 2023 Summer Camp Survey

    Location: Parade Ground How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 8 Review: My kids had a good time at this camp. They enjoyed working on different skills (one of my kids played Goalie a lot) and they really enjoyed the World Cup game at the end of camp each day. Communication with the camp was very good. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? The camp starts at 8:45 which is really late for working parents! 8:15 or 8:30 would be a lot better.
  • Soccer class

    Gjoa, brooklyns oldest soccer club, has classes for little ones in the parade grounds and at dean st playground. ( The Friday class I think is taught by a young woman coach who is fantastic, but all their coaches have been good in our experience. best,
  • Review from the 2021 Summer Camp Survey

    Name of camp: Gjoa soccer camp Location: Parade grounds How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? 6 Review: Very good camp if your child is interested in soccer. It’s a fun mix of games, skills, and scrimmages. Good coaches and good program overall. It’s all outdoors but they have tents and benches usually in the shade under trees. Morning only option or full day 9-3. My kid always came back happy and tired.
  • Soccer for 11 year old beginner

    I would also highly recommend Gjoa. My 10 year old has been playing with them for three years now and we find it to be so supportive. They focus on each child’s development, learning proper skills in all positions, and they always emphasize teamwork over winning. They have a Youth Development Program, which may be a great way to try it out.
  • Soccer for 11 year old beginner

    Gjoa is not where i would go with a beginner who is feeling out the sport. The coaches are real spotty and the focus is on the win. Never felt the child’s personal development was their first interest and thats ok for some but know that going in.
  • Soccer for 11 year old beginner

    just my two cents, but my kid had good experiences with Gjöa SC. Your experience will vary greatly by coach. The boys side of the shop is better supported than the girls. But their history and community roots make them a rare experience of the closest thing we have in NYC to a true sporting club. They have their own clubhouse and yard space in Sunset Park. Their WW2-era clubhouse bar is a sight to behold. The cigar smoke patina almost looks like it’s contributing to the structural integrity of the building. Lee, the main person running things, is pure gold. The kids, in kit, participate in the neighborhood’s Norwegian Day parade every year, hardening back to when the hood was mainly Scandinavian immigrants. They have had bad luck with coaches for the girls side in certain age slots, tho. YMMV.
  • Soccer for 11 year old beginner

    I highly recommend gjoa soccer club. My son has been involved with gjoa for the last several years and they are not only an excellent soccer club that gives excellent skill instruction, but they also emphasis working as a team and personal best over winning. They have a good developmental program as well as travel teams. They also have a great philanthropic arm where players are encouraged to give back to the community through service projects and they support players in Ghana. The organization has its own field where they host games and plays in various around Brooklyn: parade grounds, Red Hook, Pier 5 and soccerroof.