Gillian Murphy, PhD
Gillian Murphy, PhD


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  • Review from the 2021 Therapist Survey

    During what time span have you seen this therapist? Weekly since January 2021 Type of therapist: Psychotherapist What kind of patients does this therapist see? Teens, Adults (individual therapy) If the therapist treats any special kinds of issues or uses specific therapeutic techniques, please list/describe those here. anxiety, CBT In-person, Zoom, or telephone therapy? Zoom/Video therapy Briefly describe the reasons you decided to seek help: Our teen suffered from anxiety and was feeling isolated and overwhelmed by remote school. Does the therapist take insurance, and if not, how has your experience been with filing claims? Out-of-network provider Review: Our pediatrician recommended a therapist with a CBT approach. We found Gillian through another PSP recommendation. Her warmth and caring comes through even in video chats. Our teen's school counselor also said she was impressed by Gillian and that she really seemed to understand who our child is. We plan to continue working with her into the next school year to make sure the tools and support are in place for our child to manage her anxiety. Much of that work is around changing the negative thought pattern and while there is still work to be done we have seen progress.