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Gear To Go Outfitters is NYC’s first and only “Full Service” Outfitter, offering Backpacking, Hiking, Camping Gear for Sale or RENT. We also provide Guided Hiking/Backpacking Trips which include Transportation, Licensed Guides, and a Gourmet Backcountry Meal. All of our employees are Licensed Guides so you know you are talking to an expert and not just another retail employee. SOON:  Rock Climbing Gear as well as Kayaking and Canoeing Gear.

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  • Re: 7th Ave Stores and Businesses you LOVE?

    Gear to Go is moving from its nook on Garfield to the larger corner spot on 7th at Garfield. Everybody get out there and rent a tent for Memorial Day weekend!
  • Re: [PSP] last-minute family ski trip - could use some advice!

    Try Gear To Go Outfitters on Garfield Place just off 7th Avenue in Park Slope
  • (no subject)

    I happened to walk by this fairly new store (to me, anyway) and never realized all it had to offer. Besides great camping, hiking, and hydration equipment, the owner is selling holiday ornaments (unique, beautiful, well-made, and well-priced) and lights. I compared prices online and can't do better. Being his store is slightly off the Avenue, I thought I'd give him an endorsement. I was happily surprised by this addition to the neighborhood. I also learned that the owner does guided tours and trips (with gourmet cooking) and is very knowledgeable and experienced. He also sells a great selection of maps and books. I'm in no way affiliated. Sample ornaments: wooden canoe, hand-painted kayak, Santa snowboarding, large boot, tent, ski lift cabin, and many more. (December 2011)
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    We are also huge Gear to Go fans. They carry a kelty model of toddler/little kids sleeping bags - in the summer they had green and purple. Besides selling some outdoor clothing and jackets and camping resource like books, sleeping bags, stoves they also rent gear (like tents) and organize trips. (October 2011)
  • ISO: Sleeping Bag

    Kevin is the owner - lovely guy. (October 2011)