Gabrielle Glancy: New Vision Learning
Gabrielle Glancy: New Vision Learning


Gabrielle Glancy: College Admissions Guru
Helps Students Get Into Their Top Choice Schools

College Counselor Extraordinaire, Former Admissions Director, Taught at St. Ann's School, Series Editor of Best College Essays, Author of The Art of the College Essay, published in The New Yorker, USATODAY

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  • College essay writing~ Shout out to Gabrielle Clancy

    First let me say that I have no connection to this person and don’t benefit at all by recommending her but if she can help any other students then it’s my pleasure to pass the word. I have a rising senior who is a good student not an excellent student. She isn’t always that motivated by the college process But I must say that Gabrielle Clancy‘s webinar last night on how to write a college essay sparked so much fire in her belly she was actually interested, listening, taking great notes, participating which she hardly ever does in any instance) and motivated to write a great essay after she finished the one hour. She actually asked me for Gabrielle‘s email address so that she could reach out to her separately about setting up another session LOL incredible that is not my kid. We also took a free webinar with her about how Covid is affecting the college process which was great (it was very informative and I would recommend it) but I especially recommend the essay writing part. that webinar was not free but it was worth every penny and I am not a wealthy woman (blue-collar actually) and I definitely count my pennies but it was worth every cent). i’m sorry this was a bit wordy but I really wanted to help anyone else out there who has a student who is a little unmotivated or just can’t figure out how to begin I think she would actually be great with extremely motivated students as well) because I woke up feeling so much better today about the process for my daughter.