Future Perfect Planning
Future Perfect Planning


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Reviews (4)

  • Financial Planner

    I like Cristina Guglielmetti at Future Perfect Planning. She's a friend, but she's also done our planning.
  • Financial Advice

    We just had a similar situation and decided to go all in and work with a financial planner. The first one we used was not great, but the second we found through a PSP referral (can’t remember if it was a thread or a presentation)- Her name is Cristina and her website is: She is very patient, her information is very digestible, and she definitely told us a lot of things that we hadn’t considered and hadn’t found through books/ online research. Cristina can also be as involved as you want. Bonus, she is also a mom! (November 2019)
  • ISO: private wealth manager/fiduciary

    We have used Christina from Future Perfect Planning LLC ( and she has been great. Fee based independent fiduciary with wide range of services.
  • Financial Planner for Someone Without Many Finances

    I highly recommend Cristina at Future Perfect. She’s really good at fitting your resources to your goals, however big or small either may be.