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Fridge No More is a delivery service for groceries that is inspired by the cloud. By developing our own proprietary network of "cloud stores," we are able to offer 15-minute delivery within a 1-mile distance using electric bikes. Our cloud stores have no retail storefront, saving us on rent and you on grocery prices. Delivery is free, with no minimum order required. Our first "stores" launched in Williamsburg and Park Slope this fall. With Fridge No More, there is no longer a need for giant shopping hauls and tons of extra food in the pantry, which often leads to wasted food and wasted money. Gone are the days of basement fridges and extra freezers. Just order what you need from your local cloud store, eat, and repeat. Key features: Because we don't have a retail storefront, we are able to offer affordable prices that are comparable (or better than) local supermarkets Instant delivery from a cloud store just around the corner Delivery on electric bikes is eco-friendly. Electric bikes do not pollute the air and save parking space. Our data-driven app is constantly amending our available assortment in response to customer feedback, and chock full of goodies from local bakeries, coffee shops, etc. By offering our customers fast and reliable delivery within 15 minutes, there is never a need to stock up, which helps eliminate food waste. We partner with local businesses as well as local farms to support a hyper-local economy whilst giving our customers the highest quality food available Extreme convenience with delivery in just 15 minutes

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  • Shout out to local delivery service

    i just came across this service and tried them out yesterday night when I needed something last minute and couldn’t go out to get it myself. It arrived in less than 15 minutes (which is what they advertised). Thought I’d pass it along. It’s called Fridge No More.
  • Stay Tuned!

    This business is a Park Slope Parents Perks Provider. Stay tuned for reviews!