Frankies 457 Spuntino
Frankies 457 Spuntino



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  • Brooklyn-specific gifts

    Olive oil from Frankie's 457 is always nice and different, but not great if you need to bring it on a flight.
  • Baby Shower Venues in Brooklyn

    Frankie’s 457 in Brooklyn has catering for private parties and could be an option depending on your budget, I believe pricing started at $65 per person from what I remember a couple years ago. Food is amazing.
  • Venue recs for a baby shower/engagement party

    I recently co-hosted my best friend's bridal shower at the stable in the backyard of Frankie's 457 in Carroll Gardens and it turned out beautifully. The stable is a 3-walled structure with a roof (and big doors that can close off the 4th side), and it would be 100% fine in the event of rain. It would be perfect for 20-25 people. We were originally planning to host at the bride's mother's house in Park Slope and moved the celebration to Frankie's to make it safer and more comfortable for guests, and it was the best decision we could've made.
  • Small (20 ppl) wedding venues in Brooklyn?

    I don't know if this will break your bank, but we got married (ceremony + dinner) inside the back building at Frankies' 457 Spuntino in Carroll Gardens with 33 people total. They also use the outdoor space around the building for weddings. It's very beautiful and has lots of character, but it was January so we were inside.
  • Baby shower brunch location?

    I highly highly highly recommend Frankies 457. I got married there and had my baby shower there, too. They are so easy to work with and the food is so delicious. SO delicious.
  • Celebratory restaurant?

    I went to Frankie’s for my friends wedding. It’s nice at the open garage in the back
  • Celebratory restaurant?

    We always love the original Frankie’s 457 on Court Street. It’s not fancy but it feels celebratory, the food is always outstanding and it’s definitely not something that is popping up on a tourist list.
  • Family dinner out

    Frankie’s in Carroll gardens is delicious and we recently went with our child and was good with her. They now also accept reservations on Ressie.
  • Birthdays

    Might be more of a splurge, but if you're thinking you'd have like 20+ people, Frankie's Spuntino in Carroll Gardens has a beautiful little stable in the back for private parties. If it's nice out perhaps you can spill out into the garden. (review submitted via PSP Spring 2015 Babies group)
  • (no subject)

    ISO: private-ish room for 40th birthday party Frankie's 457? They have a private room and the food is awesome! That would be on my list. (April 2012)