France-Luce Benson
France-Luce Benson


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  • Recommendation: Zoom fitness classes w/ France-Luce Benson

    I hope this is ok to post. I have no stake in this - I wanted to share the info on some great Zoom fitness classes I have been taking. The instructor is France-Luce Benson - if you are YMCA member you may remember her from the many classes she taught at both the Prospect Park & Armory location. She is based in LA now, and is offering HIIT classes and pilates, please see the schedule below. I can't say enough about how wonderful France-Luce's classes are. They have seriously been one of the things that make me so happy over this whole time period - I always feel better after a class! You will feel like you got a great workout, plus she is lovely, and has a killer playlist! Mondays & Wednesdays - HIIT class (high intensity interval training) 45 min /12 noon Fridays (starting on Oct 30) Core & Restore (pilates, stretching, meditation) 1 hour/ 6pm If you would like to take a class please e-mail France-Luce at She will add you to her e-mail list, and if you would like to take one you just reply to her and she will send you the zoom link. Classes cost $8 on Venmo.