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Frame Therapeutics


Amedea is a UK-trained Osteopath and Craniosacral therapist with over 15 years of experience treating people of all ages from newborns to the elderly.

Amedea’s unique approach uses a combination of Craniosacral therapy and bodywork informed by the principles of Osteopathy.

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$50 off initial appointment with Amedea Incorvaia-Tamblyn. Initial appointment includes consultation, assessment and treatment. Please use code PSP50 when booking online.
Discount only valid for first-time appointments. Offer expires on 11/2/2021.

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    I'm so happy that I found Frame Therapeutics. Because I'm 71, I worried that my aching back and left leg would hurt for the rest of my life. That was less than three months ago. A doctor of osteopathy, Amedea Incorvaia-Tamblyn treats the body as a whole, not as a series of separate parts, and that approach is exactly what I needed. The exercises she taught me have eased and, when I do them every day and don't carry my toddler grandson too much, ended the pain. She does more than the patient expects: she has recommended better arch supports than a Manhattan podiatrist I saw previously; when I mentioned my sinus problems, she included treatment of my congestion in my regular appointments. About those appointments-- as you heal, Dr. Incorvaia-Tamblyn increases the time between appointments. I no longer feel as if I will always be a patient in endless pain.
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