Flying Teapot Music for Kids
Flying Teapot Music for Kids


early childhood music and musical playgroups

Reviews (3)

  • infant music class & swim classes recommendations

    We are enjoying Joanne Riel with the Flying Teapot (Windsor Terrace)
  • ISO Baby music class

    Check out Flying Teapot (Joanne Riel): She's in Windsor Terrace. Totally great! My kids have been going to her classes and playgroups for YEARS.
  • ISO drop-off classes for an almost 3 year old

    Flying Teapot Music in Windsor Terrace is totally great. Joanne runs music-based playgroups for kids 2-4. I think she is starting up new groups soon, on Tues and Friday mornings (not sure of the time). Both of my kids went to her for years... they loved it!